Whether You’re Octo-Mom or Uno-Mom, Kids Need Organization

Friday, July 8, 2011

“Octo-Mom” Nadya Suleman has made headlines for years after giving birth to eight children at one time, but lets face it – raising even one child can be a total handful!  Here are some simple tips to help organize your child and make your life  one million times easier:

Keep a Daily Schedule: When your child knows what to expect from the day, your day will become less of a battle to get things done.

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Use the Same Storage Containers and Label them with Predictable Words: NEAT prefers the shoe bins from the container store with Avery labels.  That way, your child can see what is inside and can predict the word on the front.  This makes for easy cleaning and also fosters early literacy skills.

shoe box, children's shoes, organized, home, NEAT Method

Stick to Your Guns:  If you do not want to spend the rest of your life picking up after your children, then take away things when they are not picked up properly; and for the love of parents and teachers everywhere – do not clean up after them!

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