You Accepted the Rose….Now What??

Friday, May 16, 2014

For all you AVID Bachelor Nation Fans, the 10th Season of the Bachelerotte can NOT come soon enough!! Airing this coming Monday on May 19th, we will be learning all about the dreamy gentleman that Andi Dorfman is so lucky to date! And in honor of this guilty TV drama pleasure, we think it's only fitting to cover the much asked topic of — what to do when you move in with your significant other??

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1. Don't Panic — This is supposed to be an exciting time, so try not to let the typical moving stresses consume you. With that in mind, it is probably best to avoid moving in with everything you've saved since your high school days. That's right – figure out what goes and what stays prior to the big move in day! This means ladies – it's time to part with those pink throw pillows. And for the fellas – saying goodbye to the Endless Summer Poster taped on the wall. Having a little less stuff, will make decorating as a couple all the more fun!

endless summer, endless summer poster, endless summer poster on wall, framed endless summer poster

2. Merge with Caution — when you move in with someone, it is only natural that you will end up with duplicates of things. Possibly even triplets if you have just gotten married! Instead of trying to make everything "fit," pull the unneccessary doubles aside and add them to the donate pile. Trust us, you will never need two pairs of can openers.

can opener, seeing double, double kitchen utensils, can openers, multiple kitchen utensils

3. Sharing Valuable Real Estate — If the move in requires sharing the master closet, making space can be a necessary challenge. Some of our favorite quick space saving tips include: black slimline hangers, rotating seasonal clothing to keep the closet from feeling cluttered, utilizilzing baskets to corral smaller items that can easily end up in piles (think hats, scarves, etc), and believe it or not – the use of shoe bins!

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Now most importantly, who are the NEAT girls hoping STEALS Andi's heart?? We've bet our money on this eye candy:

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And, one of JJ's top traits is huggable?!? Keeper for sure. Don't let us down Andi!


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