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Maria Kontovas

Maria Kontovas, Home Organizer, Professional Organizer, New York City, New York

MARIA KONTOVAS. Our licensed NEW YORK CITY Home Organizer. An East Coast GREEK girl whose first job was naturally at a JERSEY diner. Has two younger brothers that tower over her. Loves spending weekends with her HUSBAND and adorable MALTESE, Bentley. A self proclaimed NERD – enjoys Microsoft Excel, but has a thing against odd numbers. Certified as a YOGA and MEDITATION Instructor, and therefore loves mornings on the mat. Obsessed with SWEETS and baking MASTERPIECES in the kitchen - a skill she inherited from her MOTHER. Lives in NEUTRALS, but can color code with the best of them, making her the MASTER of CLOSETS.

Louisa Roberts

Louisa Roberts, New York, Home Organizer, Professional Organizer, Professional Organizing, Unpacking, Moves, NEAT Method

LOUISA ROBERTS. Licensed NEW YORK CITY Home Organizer. Shares her original home of Punxsutawney, PENNSYLVANIA with Groundhog’s Day. Went to college on “the bluff” of DUQUESNE University. Made the move to NYC in 2014 and lives in a building where original No. 2 pencils were made. A proud VEGETARIAN who enjoys exploring new recipes. Makes it a goal to find the perfect CROISSANT and Vanilla LATTE in town. Can’t live without fresh flowers, HGTV or PIZZA. Her dream car is a classic VOLKSWAGEN Beetle. Obsessed with ANTIQUE shopping and adding to her TEA CUP collection. Growing up she loved helping GRANDPA organize his work files, desk and office supplies, making her the MASTER of OFFICES.

Corrin McCoy

corrin mccoy, Home Organizer, Professional Organizer, New York City, New York

CORRIN MCCOY. One our of licensed NEW YORK CITY Home Organizers. Originally from Michigan but has lived in NYC since 2010. Studied INTERIOR DESIGN in undergrad. A self-proclaimed COFFEE snob with a debilitating SWEET TOOTH. Favorite outdoor temperature is 63 degrees, a WINDOWS open over AC type of gal. Loves to entertain and is obsessed with all things THANKSGIVING. Would rather teach herself how to FIX something than wait to have somebody else fix it. Makes her own candles and can keep fresh cut HYDRANGEAS alive for 3 weeks. Quiet Sunday mornings are her favorite - especially rainy ones. Bakes a great 3 layer vanilla cake and smores are a favorite - making her the MASTER of PANTRIES.

Dina Madigan

Dina Madigan, Neat Method, Rochester, New York, Home Organizing, Professional Organizer, Organizing Tips

DINA MADIGAN. Licensed Rochester Home Organizer. Born in PITTSBURGH and attended PENN STATE. Has an IDENTICAL TWIN named Gina and has another set of twins in her family. Spent time in NYC, RALEIGH and TAMPA but ultimately planted her roots in Rochester. Mother of three. Ready for a ROAD TRIP along the coast at any time. Would eat SALMON every day. Her morning routine consists of a 5am walk with her DOG and a Starbucks LATTE. Belongs to a local FARM COOP and enjoys making her mother’s TOMATO SAUCE. Loves dinner parties, particularly setting the table, making her the MASTER of ENTERTAINING.

Lisa Erdle

Lisa Erdle, Neat Method, Rochester, New York, Home Organizing, Professional Organizer, Organizing Tips

LISA ERDLE. Licensed Rochester Home Organizer. Carries a DEGREE in English and Spanish LITERATURE and puts them to good use through her excessive love of READING. Mother of three. Stays sane buy RUNNING and chatting with her mom everyday! Not only business partners with Dina, but  PADDLE TENNIS partners as well. FALL is her favorite season, mostly because of all the pumpkins. Loves GARDENING in the summer and ENTERTAINING friends and family! Her Grandmother’s LATIN home cooking is her all time favorite. COFFEE, WINE and DESSERT are daily must haves. Obsessively cleans and organizes her own kitchen, making her the MASTER of KITCHENS.   

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