Tuesday 06.19.12

Imperfect Polish Finds Perfection!

NEAT Method recently had the privilege of working with Erin Vondra of Imperfect Polish. She and her family moved into a fabulous new home in the suburbs of Chicago. Although more organized than the average person, she felt there were spaces that needed a little extra help... starting with her master closet!

With any move into a new closet, one will always deal with the challenge of creating different ideas for a new space. The good news for Erin is, everything fit...it was just up to NEAT to make it function to PERFECTION!


In every closet, we recommend matching slimline hangers in solid black (we get ours at Costco...shhh!). It won't come as a surprise to hear that we have an opinion on basically everything! But honestly, the black slimline hanger will always look the most visually appealing.

organized closet, Erin Vondra, Imperfect Polish, black hangers, color coded, Chicago home

We're sure you've heard it from us before...but, color coding is a must! FYI, this will always remain tried and true in NEAT's eyes!

organized closet, Erin Vondra, Imperfect Polish, black hangers, color coded, Chicago home

Are you jealous? Try these easy tips to make your closet as fabulous as Erin's:

- Make sure all your shoes are pointing with toes out

- Smaller bags are upright for the ease of grabbing and going

- Add a personal touch! Ie. A display of jewelry, perfume bottles, special pictures of lovers ;)

organized closet, Erin Vondra, Imperfect Polish, black hangers, color coded, Chicago home

And if you have amazing jewelry like Erin, would'nt you want a jewelry drawer too? Not only is it beautiful, but it makes it fun to shop your most coveted accessories!

Erin Vondra, Imperfect Polish, jewelry organizer, organized closet, Chicago home, Chicago, Organizing tips

We hope you had as much fun as we did looking through Erin's fabulous closet. Thanks so much for inviting NEAT into your life! Can't wait for our next project together!


The NEAT girls

Monday 06.13.11

Five Quick Tips to Give Your Closet a Fresh Summer Look

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With only two short weeks until the official start of summer, it’s time to get a jumpstart on the season by giving your closet a fresh summer look.  Summer is a time where bright colors, fun florals and carefree dresses hold precedent over boots, sweaters and hats.  If your closet looks more like a spring tornado hit, it will be hard to find your favorites and flaunt those great summer trends.  Here are five quick tips to give your closet the visual appeal it deserves and to make your clothes feel new again.

Donation, home organization, organized, NEAT Method

Tip Number One: Purge

The best place to start freshening up your closet is to get rid of the things that you no longer wear.  Did you wear it last year?  If the answer is no, it is time to part ways.  Not only do these clothes take up valuable hanger space, but they also distract your eye from picking the clothes that make you feel great.  A tip that NEAT gives all of their clients is to pick a place to donate that inspires you to get rid of all unnecessary items..

Sweater Storage, Storage Solution, organize, organization, NEAT Method

Tip Number Two: Store Out of Season Clothes

 Even the summer months can have some cold weather days but that is not an excuse to wear your favorite wool sweater and corduroy pants.  Storing out of season clothes can accomplish two important things.  First, it can help you to wear only what is appropriate for the season.  Second, when clothes are stored in bins for the season, they tend to feel new again when they are brought back out.  Nothing beats that “new clothes” feeling especially when it is with clothes that you already own.

Hangers, black hangers, closet organization, organized, organizers, NEAT Method

Tip Number Three: Matching Hangers

NEAT insists that every client have matching hangers in their closet.  It is important to make your closet a place that you are proud of and enjoy opening.  The right hangers can have a larger impact than most people think.  We prefer, “Huggable Hangers” because they are thin and their velvety texture keeps clothes hanging.  When all clothes are on matching hangers it begins to give your closet an unbeatable visual appeal.

Color Coded, closet organization, home organization, organized, organizers, NEAT Method

Tip Number Four:  Color Code Your Clothes

Color coding your clothes may seem like an over the top type ‘A’ thing, but it will help you to find your favorite green shirt much faster than before.  NEAT prefers to have whites first, then the good old ROY G BIV and finally grays, browns, and finish with black.  If you are really feeling good about the way your closet looks after your color-coding, take it one step further and organize within the color.  For example, put tanks first, then t-shirts and finish with long sleeves.  NEAT prefers to keep all dresses, suits, and pants separate so that clothes that are typically the same length stay together.

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Tip Number Five: Treat Yourself

When NEAT organizes a client’s closet, nine times out of ten the client finds something that they either forgot they had or swore they lost.  We hope that by organizing your own closet, you rediscover your favorite top that you haven’t seen in a while.  After some hands-on organizing, the NEAT team LOVES to get a good manicure.  We suggest you put on your favorite outfit from your newly revamped closet and treat yourself too!  Have dinner with friends, go out for a drink, get a manicure, you look good, and you deserve it!

For more information on where to find some of NEAT’s favorite organizing solutions, follow the links below.  To learn more about NEAT San Francisco, please visit our website at www.neatmethod.com

Places to Donate:


Soles 4 Souls

Salvation Army

To store your out of season clothes find your storage bins here

To find our our favorite hangers click here

*If you are a Costco member, you can find the hangers in a box of 50 for a great price!


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