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Tuesday 12.13.16

No Wish List is Complete without Something NEAT!!

Did you really think we were going to have this many wish lists without sharing the latest and greatest NEAT products we LOVE?!?! We rounded up favorite products from all of our cities and picked the Top 5 Organizing Products that you must get for the organized person in your life. Or...for the person that needs to be a little more organized! 

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1. Both Meg in Orlando and Allo in Denver thought this acrylic organizer is the perfect gift for a girl that likes to be a little fancy!

2. Katie in San Diego has a big obsession with these copper boxes right now. The uses are quite endless with these! 

3. Tatiana in Miami thinks that the New Year's celebration isn't complete without a brand new planner to go with it! 

4. Brooke in Chicago found this modern paper organizer to make for the perfect filing system on your desk!

5. And...Ashley H. in DC suggested the world's cutest spice jars for the person that likes to take it a step further in their organized kitchen!

Thursday 02.11.16

Our Valentines Day Crushes Revealed

It's hard to believe that another Valentines Day is right around the corner. Usually during this time, we like to share which latest celebrity we are currently crushing on but in an attempt to stay "on task" and organized, (we are NEAT Method afterall!) we are going to share some new products that we would LOVE to have in our current spaces. First, this amazing piece called, Woodstock Wall  is maybe the most beautiful version of a hanging rack we have ever seen! This would be perfect for a temporary space or a room that needs to serve multiple purposes (think closet/office).

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It will come as no surprise that we are always on the hunt for the next beautiful basket that we cannot live without. This month, we have a serious crush on this Jute basket with silver accents that can be found on Adorno.

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Home offices and "Command Centers" can be difficult spaces to make look aesthetically pleasing with all of the supplies that are needed in order to function. Anthropologie has decided to solve our problems with this hanging desk organizer that has a pocket or peg for EVERYTHING!

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Last but certaintly not least, another new favorite product that the NEAT girls are seeing hearts over are these handcrafted containers made in Uganda that one of our favorite sites, The Citizenry happens to carry. We can think of about 100 ways to use these:: Silverware, pencil cup, change holder, and "catch cup" are just a few that come to mind...  

The Citizenry, Cowhorn, tumblers, cups, organizing, organized, home organization, simple home, simple style, products,

Who needs an actual Valentine when you've fallen in love with your space? Or, if you have a Valentine that is looking for a gift for you... don't hesitate to share this post with him/her... they will get the hint!

Lots of Love

the NEAT girls


Thursday 08.27.15

5 of Our New Favorite Products You Can't Live Without

There are certain times in an organizer's life that she just gets bored using the same products again and again. At NEAT, we are always looking for new, fun products to implement in our client's homes but also share with you! Today, we've rounded up five of our latest favorites::

#1 :: CB2's corner hanging bar. We have seen some seriously small spaces that require some creative ideas when it comes to getting more hanging space. CB2 has officially made our lives easier with this solution. We also love the gold hardware!

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#2 :: The NOBODINOZ storage bag from Fawn Shoppe. Sometimes you just need to clean up your kids towns and get them out of the way. This bag is perfect for stuffed animals, legos, trains, dolls... should we go on? We love the handles and drawstring closure making it easy to transport.

Fawn Shoppe, kids storage, toy storage, home organization, home organizing, home design, home style

#3 :: The La Jolla Bin from Serena and Lily. We have all seen the Ikea Expedit (Now called Kallax WHAT?!) shelving unit. These bins can be used to amp up the style of these super functional cubbies. 

Serena and Lily, baskets, cute baskets for kids, storage solutions, baskets for kids toys, kids storage, pink basket, blue basket, yellow basket

#4 :: The Savannah Lidded Baskets from Pottery Barn. We love that these can be used for items that are season but still kept in the closet. It helps keeps items free of dust during the off season. 

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#5 :: The GLAMdivide by GLAMboxes which can be found at The Organizing Store! This makes your favorite clutches look so great in your closet but can also be used to display kids art if you want to get creative!

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Have a product you think we should know about? Email us at info(at)neatmethod(dot)com!


the NEAT girls

Tuesday 01.20.15

Tip Tuesday :: 3 Things You Can NOT Live Without

Do you love searching and finding the latest and greatest? We do, too! This week, we decided to let our best kept secrets out of the bag with our new organizing obsessions! 

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Having trouble finding the best, and more importantly most attractive bins for your kid's toys? We like to drool over ever option at Pehr Designs. These would look good sitting just about anywhere in your home. NEAT approved!

Pehr designs, bins, organizing bins for toys, toy organizing, organizing ideas, kids toys

The next obsession is for the modern organizer. This site was sent to us by a regular NEAT blog reader and we haven't been able to peel our eyes away from Present & Correct since. Our shopping cart is full and we are ready to take our client's homes to the next level with these unique solutions.

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Last, but certainly not least, if you haven't been to the site, Dot & Bo, we suggest you head there now and sign up! They have had some really fun and unique organizational solutions. Make sure to check out the Robusto Magazine Holder...amazing! 

magazine holder, organizing website, products, home design, design, home style, leather magazine holder, professional organizers, interior design

Have a site that we need to know about? Spill the beans and email us today! 


the NEAT girls

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Thursday 08.14.14

BIG NEWS...We've Found the PERFECT Partners in Crime!!

Orrrr...should we say Partners in ORGANIZING!?!? We are SERIOUSLY jumping for JOY today! Why you ask? Because today is our official launch of a NEW and beautiful partnership with our dear friends, The Organizing Store


What is the partnership you ask? You will have to wait until next week to find out just what we have up our sleeves! But in honor of the good news, we thought it would be fun to dish the scoop on the adorable, mother-daughter duo behind this amazing brand! We sat the TOS Ladies down and asked them to spill the dirt on their NEAT lives! 

NM :: OK ladies, let's start with any easy one! The Organizing Store not only sells great products, but your website is absolutely stunning! Tell us a little bit about the brains behind the brand!

DS :: My name is Deborah Shearer, and I am Allie's mother. I am originally from upstate New York, raised in the suburbs of Niagara Falls. I became a nice Jewish girl before my wedding to the wonderful dad of my beautiful children and I've been making matzoh balls and meatballs ever since. When our son Jason turned 4, we took a leap of faith and followed our hearts out to San Francisco to take a stab as entrepreneurs. I officially became a California girl, living in Marin County raising our children. While our business began in the gift, tabletop and stationary business, I went on to design and manufacture my own children's clothing line, which led me to marketing and sales management with a Major in Storage and Organization and a Minor in Crafts. You could say I was into organizing way before it really became "the thing." I married my husband Terry in 2006 and moved to southern California (LA), where our business was based, and so the next chapter began - The Organizing Store!

AW :: I'm Allie Wandner, Marketing Director for The Organizing Store. Thanks to my folks, I'm an Italian Jew (aka pizza bagel) which means my ability to insert yiddish phrases while using big hand gestures is on point. I'm the only one in my family born and raised in California, just north of San Francisco - where my mom taught me everything I needed to know about hard work, throwing a fierce dinner party, and keeping my room impeccably organized (or she'd have something to say about it). I've always dreamed of living in the city (of SF), knowing the streets like the back of my hand, and taking long walks on that strip of sand under the fog. So, I packed up my things and drove across the bridge to graduate with honors in Psychology from SF State in 2008 and have held my heart in North Beach ever since. I joined the family business in college as a content editor and post graduation I decided to dive head first into the world of marketing where I felt right at home.


Photo courtesy of Oprah Magazine, O You 2012

NM :: So how did The Organizing Store get started? What inspired you? It is always fascinating to hear how successful companies got off the ground!

DS :: My husband was the original founder of When we married in 2006, the business needed someone to head up marketing and merchandising and since I was versed in the industry, I joined the family business! With a twist of fate or two, we parted ways from in 2012 and looked at what we wanted to do next. As a Top 500 Internet Retailer, with strong relationships and reputation in the organizing industry, we knew our first project would be something to do with organizing. In 2013, we decided the world needed something more than another place to buy more stuff for your stuff. We wanted that something to be "the boutique of organizing" and set out to launch a place to shop for products in an online atmosphere to help you "live beautifully," and The Organizing Store was born! 

The fashion and home decor markets are really what inspired Allie and I, so we looked at how to bring color, fashion, fun you find in those markets, and a fresh face to organizing. A wise woman once told us,

"You're like the Kate Spade of organizing!" and we think that's pretty NEAT!

NM :: Even though Deborah lives in LA, and Allie in SF - you two seem like the dream duo! What do you love most about what you do?

DS :: Everything you would expect and more. I get to shop for and add new products to our store, collaborate with vendors and great minds, and get inspired by fabulous brands, designers, and bloggeres - everyday! My biggest plus: How many moms have the opportunity to work (successfully!) with their daughter(s) every day, have the same taste in products AND the same level of passion for what we do? Allie and I are connected at the hip! Being from different generations, I learn from her, she learns from me and we're a great compliment to each other. She knows what I'm thinking, how I'll react, but most importantly when I overrule a decision she respects it and learns from me. We have the same vision and that's the key to success.

AW :: Deb pretty much summed it up! I get to work with my mom and talk about products we love, that fit naturally in our lifestyles. I imagine some mother-daughter duo's might never work well together...but Deb? She's the PB to my J!

Wise wise words from both!


NM :: So surely you girls have a titch of OCD in you! What are your most OCD tendencies?

DS :: I have acrylic shelf dividers in my armoire with labels on each section of the shelves. My underwear has to be folded a certain way and lined up to fit perfectly in my cedar & lavender 3-compartment drawer organizer. My ceiling to floor craft cabinet is filled with plastic shoe boxes and containers. Each is labeled with the contents by theme. Crazy...I know!

AW :: I wouldn't say I'm terribly particular (just kidding - my closet is color coded, I set calendar reminders to floss, and dishes in the sink are my all time pet peeve), but I'm more publicly known amongst my friends to have everything one should need at all times. A modern-day Marry Poppins, if you must!


NM:: Obviously we can't contain oursevles, but what makes you most excited about TOS joining forces with NEAT? 

TOS :: First...the NEAT girls themselves! We love Molly & Ashley, their style, energy, and business ethics. They're just like us! Our brand synergy couldn't be a better fit! Back to basics, we think we like the same things and share the same lifestyles. We can't wait to work with and meet ALL the NEAT girls!

NM :: Anything you would like to tell our followers in particular?

TOS :: We are SO excited to collaborate with NEAT Method. We love their sense of style, approach to organizing and our mutual passion for it. We think NEAT brings a sense of calm to the home. We obviously share a lot of NEAT in our worlds, but we're on a mission to organize the world, once space at a time! However, we can help the NEAT girls and their clients get beautifully organized, we're thrilled to be a helpful resource for all!

Well, we didn't think it was possible friends, but it seems we continue to LOVE TOS more and more everyday! And we are beyond excited to see where this living beautifully + NEAT life partnership takes us!

Interested in following all things The Organizing Store related? Find them on Pinterest here, Twitter here, Facebook here, and Blog here

Stay tuned for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on the partnership... 


the NEAT girls


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