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Wow! What a crazy month NEAT has had. As you know, Ashley has entered the Windy City and taking it on full speed, therefore we neglected to properly introduce you to NEAT's newest addition… HEATHER!! NEAT has begun to expand and with that expansion comes new fabulous people on the team. This week, we took a break from getting Heather acclimated to "The NEAT Life" and asked her some questions so you can get to know her on a more personal level. So… without further adieu…enjoy getting to know Miss Heather.  

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NM :: You are a girl after our own heart since you did move from Chicago, but what got you to San Francisco?

Heather :: A diamond ring. No…this boy by the name of Max. He moved here for a job and realized he needed my constant entertainment, so he asked me to marry him! I said yes, and here I am!

NM :: Where are you the most organized?

Heather :: My personal calendar and scheduling. I love making it as colorful as possible. Hence, the reason I always carry around 16 different bold color marker pens.

NM :: Where are you least organized?

Heather :: Max would say my clothes… partly because I have a tendency to be lazy sometimes, but more because when I moved here I took over the entire closet and still don't have enough room. San Francisco is really lacking in the grand closet and storage department. However, I must admit, since working at NEAT – I am much more organized!

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NM :: What are your favorite sites to follow?

Heather :: Brunch at Saks is pretty fabulous and of course because I am a blushing bride, Style Me Pretty is a site I frequently visit. Currently, the cooking website I am loving is How Sweet It Is!  Overall, I love to check out Things that Sparkle – such an adorable blog!

NM :: Where is your favorite place to eat or what is your favorite food?

Heather :: Kilwin's ice cream is my favorite place to eat and my favorite food too!

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NM :: What is your favorite TV show?

Heather :: Max would say any show with vampires, but I would say anything on ABC Family and/or the CW. I also really enjoy ABC Family movies.

NM :: Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

Heather :: My favorite vacation spot is absolutely hands down my family's lake house in Northern Michigan. I live for endless summers.

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NM :: Are you known for always saying any phrases?

Heather :: Apparently I ALWAYS start a sentence with, "Guess what?!" and then proceed to say something very anti-climatic or un-important. i.e. "Guess what!?…Molly and I…filed teeth today for a client." True story!

NM :: Do you have a favorite nail polish color?

Heather :: Neon Pink. Essie's 'Punchy Pink' perhaps?  

**(Please note the pink fur Heather rocked for a fashion show at a previous job – we swear to never do that to you Heather….er actually, that's hilarious so we swear to make you put that outfit on again!)

Fashion show, model, catwalk, pink fur, fur vest, orange dress, Luca Luca, Karen Zupko

NM :: Heather, you are killing this interview, but why are you a ROCKSTAR addition to NEAT?

Heather :: I am a rockstar addition to NEAT because I am personable, creative, have a positive attitude, and am motivated to contribute to NEAT's already well established reputation!

white hat, cute little girl, lake house, cabin, lake michigan

Don't you just adore her!?



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