3 Moving Tips from Empire Movers

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Helping clients get settled after a move is one of our claims to fame. So, our friends at Empire Movers were so kind to share their top tips for moving! We'll let them take it away...

As the moving day gets closer and closer and stress builds up, people tend to forget about belongings that should be a top priority. Sadly, clothes are among those items. Yes, we know, packing clothes can be a strenuous job, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

In order to make moving as easy, stress-free, and efficient as possible, we want to share three essential tips that will help when the time arrives to pack your clothes. These tips can be used ahead of time, but if you're just a few days away from moving, these tips are especially life-saving.

Pack Off-Season Clothes
When you know the exact date of the relocation and therefore the clothes you won't use for the next couple of months, you can start organizing and packing those items in advance. This is the easy part of the relocation: you simply put those unneeded clothes in boxes and clearly label them. Labeling is especially important so that you will know the box's contents on the other side.

Since we are talking about belongings that you're probably not going to use for weeks or even months, you should always choose boxes that protect your clothes against pests, moisture, and dust. If you want to be 100% sure of their safety, you can put your belongings first into sturdy plastic bags that will surely keep them safe from water and dirt.

Organize Ahead of Time
Although it might seem tempting to just pick up all your clothes and stuff them into bags and boxes, this will only give you headaches when you start unpacking. While it may seemingly save time on the front end, you're simply adding time and headache for your future self unpacking.

So, what's the secret? The key is proper organization. Before you start packing, take a few minutes to look over your wardrobe. You may find old clothes that you don't need - if in good condition these items can be donated to those in need. There are various organizations that are happy to take the clothes you don't want and give them to people who would be more than happy to have them.

By donating, you will feel a lot better and also make the whole moving process a lot easier. You will also save time and money, as you don't have to spend hours folding and packing them and you don't have to transport them. Another thing to remember is that you should clean and dry the clothes you're about to pack. It's never a good idea to pack dirty clothes, as you will end up ruining them.

It's also a great idea to ask for help if you feel like you don't have the time or energy to do all the packing. There are a lot of professional movers, like Empire Movers that are happy to take the burden of the relocation of your shoulders and making it the easiest thing in the world. Once you request service, you can just sit back and relax, while the movers make sure you start your new life at your new place on the right foot.

Unpacking and organizing everything the right way can be as stressful as packing or even more. Enter NEAT Method! This company has been unpacking clients into their homes for 10 years. Why tackle your move alone when NEAT's highly skilled teams can get you settled in no time.

NEAT Method is all creating efficient and sustainable systems for your home that cater to your lifestyle. When you use NEAT, the final stage of moving will be settling in into your clutter-free and well-arranged space, and truly feeling like you're home. 

Thanks for all the love Empire Movers! We love helping clients move because we know just how much of a difference it makes. Happy moving!

The NEAT Girls

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