3 Ways to Store Your Spices

Saturday, October 21, 2023

With the anticipation of cool weather and cozy nights in, we're dreaming of bowls of chili and cups of cinnamon topped cocoa. If you're ready to break out the cumin and cloves, a spice collection zhuzh might be in order. It's true that a perfectly organized spice drawer with matching jars and everything at your fingertips looks beautiful, but it might not work for everyone. Here are 3 different ways you can organize your spices to fit your space and lifestyle.


1. Shelf

Small spice collections can easily be contained in a single basket on any shelf. This is the best option for those who do not cook frequently. Opt for a basket that is easy to wipe clean like our metal Perforated Acacia Basket. When storing this way, be sure to add labels to the lid of each jar for an easy top-down visual. 

Get Custom: Built-in spice shelves are an elevated option for tucking jars near your stove - whether it's open shelving or hidden behind a sliding wall. Measure your favorite spice jar when determining what size your shelves should be. Lastly, decant your collection for a NEAT display!


2. Cabinet

An expandable Acacia Riser is the perfect solution for larger spice collections in a kitchen with limited drawer space. The bottom shelf of an upper cabinet is the ideal location. We suggest decanting your spices so you can place the label near the top of each jar, to prevent it from being covered by those in front. Then, line everything up in alphabetical order so you can quickly find what you need. 

Get Custom: Vertical pull-out drawers are a simple way to make use of narrow space between standard kitchen cabinets. Lower options with a top-down view benefit from labels placed on the spice jar lid, while they can be located on the face of the jar for upper pull-outs. 


3. Drawer

If you do happen to have a spare drawer in your kitchen and you cook frequently, select one near the stove and lay your spices flat in alphabetical order with the label facing up. Be sure to place a rubber liner underneath to prevent shifting. A spice drawer is the most effective when everything is decanted into uniform jars. This makes it easy to line them up in streamlined rows and ensures everything will fit. Anything that doesn't fit can be placed in a backstock basket for refills down the road. 

Get Custom: Our favorite way to organize spices involves the addition of a spice drawer insert. These tiered inserts can be custom made or cut to size. They help keep your collection slightly elevated and divided in horizontal rows. While spice drawer inserts aren't necessary to create a spice drawer, they do slightly elevate the look and function of the space. Just add your decanted spice collection, complete with matching labels and get cooking! 

Feeling inspired to give your spices an overhaul or on the hunt for a gift? Our Spice Bundle makes it easy to start fresh with a collection of spices from The Spice House plus all the jars, labels and organizers needed to level up your kitchen.


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