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We are thrilled to be partnering with The Spice House on our very first gift bundle. It's a good one too! Our Spice Bundle is everything you, the host of your next Thanksgiving or your (tricky-to-buy-for) mother-in-law needs to create a beautiful and functional spice station.

Founded in 1957, The Spice House is a purveyor of the finest spices, herbs, blends, and extracts to customers ranging from renowned Michelin-star chefs to home cooks everywhere. If you're lucky enough to live in Illinois or Wisconsin, you can visit one of their beautiful brick and mortar stores.

Our bundle contains :

  1. Spice Jar Set, brass (x2)

  2. Spice Label Set (x1)

  3. Perforated Basket, brass (x1)

  4. Spice House Flatpacks (x24) - The Flatpack is an easy-to-store (in the included Perforated Basket), easy-to-use resealable bag that will change the way you use spices. Each flatpack contains ½ cup. NEAT's exclusive set includes 24 essential spices for any kitchen that match our pre-printed label set.

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