7 Day Reset

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Feeling ready for a home refresh? When the urge strikes to get organized, it might seem like a great idea to give your space a total overhaul, but we have a better (less-exhausting) idea.... Join us for a simple 7-Day Reset requiring just 30 minutes each day. Because no one has time to empty every cupboard all by themselves.

Ready to get started? Keep reading for more details...


You might be wondering how you can reset your home without going all-in. The answer is in the focus. For the next 7 days, focus on items that don't belong, put systems back in place, and take stock of belongings. 

Don't forget, this isn't an overhaul. If you can't finish the space in 30 minutes following the steps below, choose a different room or split it up into multiple days.



Day 1 - Sunday: Complete the Worksheet

Day 2 - Monday: Bathroom

Day 3 - Tuesday: Kitchen

Day 4 - Wednesday: Pantry 

Day 5 - Thursday: Bedroom

Day 6 - Friday: Living space

Day7 - Saturday: Entrance

Keep in mind, this is a suggested schedule for the week. We chose these spaces because they are high traffic areas that are typically in need of a refresh after summer. But, exactly which spaces you address should be determined by your needs. If you have multiple bathrooms or kids spaces that need a sweep, feel free to adjust. 

If you do choose to follow this schedule, you'll discover insider tips specific to each space on our Instagram feed and stories each day. Make sure you're following @neatmethod and that you have notifications turned on so you don't miss a thing!


Download the worksheet below, then follow these steps and check the boxes as you go.

  • Sweep: the entire room (7 min)
    • Set aside items that don’t belong in the space and sort them into a Toss or Relocate pile. Feel free to carry a trash bag with you as you go.
  • Edit: the obvious things (7 min)
    • Now is the time to say goodbye to some excess. Think, items you no longer use, clothing that doesn't fit or any unnecessary duplicates. This is not the time to go through categories with tough choices to be made, such as memorabilia. 
  • Tackle: the single biggest pain point in that space (15 min)
    • Select one drawer, one shelf or one basket that's been giving you problems and empty it out. Sort items by type before containing each category within its own box, container or bin (whatever you have on hand). This step is strictly about organizing just the chosen paint point. Implementing new organizing products can come later. 


the NEAT team

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