A Closet Transformation in San Diego: The NEAT Method Touch

Friday, March 8, 2024

Organizer Spotlight: Katie Koentje

In the San Diego suburb of Rancho Santa Fe, a closet makeover kicked off, led by Katie Koentje and the NEAT Method San Diego team. Picture a stunning primary closet that was not living up to its potential, cluttered with garment racks and underutilized spaces. The owner, a fashion enthusiast with a beautiful collection, longed to elevate her closet to match the elegance of her home and make her wardrobe fully accessible.

Overcoming the Primary Hurdle

The main challenge was problem solving wardrobe overflow that was being stored on garment racks. This cluttered the space and made it difficult to appreciate the wardrobe's extent. The client was in need of a transformation that would not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of her closet but also make every item visible and accessible, ensuring no piece was left unworn.

A Strategic Approach

Katie and her team, armed with our signature Everyday Hangers, set out to revamp the space. The additional made a statement, instantly upgrading the closet's look and feel. The transformation began with a thorough categorization of the wardrobe, allowing the client to see her entire collection in a new light and decide which pieces truly deserved a place in her newly refined space.

Tackling the Space Issue

The task of fitting the client's large wardrobe into the closet without using external garment racks was daunting. However, through meticulous organization and strategic folding, Katie's team maximized the available space. By utilizing the closet's drawers more efficiently and folding items that had previously been hung, they unlocked new potential within the closet, proving that even the most challenging spaces can be masterfully organized.

The Client's Favorite Feature

What truly made an impact on the client was the color-coded arrangement and categorization of her items. Katie's team went a step further by curating designer vignettes along the top shelf of the closet, transforming the space into a personal boutique where the client could admire her collection. This added touch not only made the closet more functional but also turned it into a source of joy and inspiration.

Game-Changing Product

While NEAT Method Everyday Hangers played a pivotal role in the closet's transformation by saving space and elevating the look, the introduction of drawer dividers was a close second in impact. These dividers created designated zones within the drawers, ensuring every item had its place and was easily accessible. This simple solution drastically improved the closet's functionality, making the daily routine of selecting outfits straightforward and effortless.


Katie Koentje and her NEAT Method team in Rancho Santa Fe achieved more than just an organized closet; they delivered a space where fashion and functionality coexist beautifully. This project in San Diego showcases the transformative power of thoughtful organization, proving that with the right approach, any space can be elevated to meet the needs and tastes of its owner. The result? A closet that not only stores clothes but displays them.


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