Anatomy of Her Closet

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Did you know, primary closets are one of our most frequently organized spaces? Over time we've developed a simple approach for a closet that is equal parts functional and stylish. We're pulling back the curtain on 5 important features we implement in every woman's closet to give it that NEAT touch. 

Matching Hangers

Don't overlook the impact matching hangers can have on your closet, both visually and functionally. The first thing we do in every NEAT closet is switch to a matching slim hanger like our Everyday Hangers. This is a huge space saver and will allow you to hang more items per closet rod, as opposed to wooden or tubular hangers. 


Coordinating Bins

We often utilize bins to corral accessories or for folded clothing when drawer space is limited. However, selecting the right bin can make or break your system both functionally and aesthetically. Our Lined Acacia and Oxford Bins are the perfect solution because they were designed in the same size and with coordinating fabric to be used together. The acacia frame in our Cane Baskets and Boxes makes them a great companion to the Lined Acacia Bins as well. 


Drop Zone

Eye-level closet shelves are the perfect spot for collecting daily use jewelry, change, keys, etc. Give a designated home to whatever you tend to drop at the end of the day using a tray or decorative box like our Cane Boxes. If you have room, you can even include a mirror or picture frame for an added decorative element. 


Folded Stacks

When drawer space is at a minimum we will often use shelves to create short stacks of clothing that are less often worn. This may consist of delicate sweaters, jeans or even shorts. Just remember not to stack items too high to avoid toppling piles. 


Accessories Display

When space allows, our favorite use of shelves is for displaying accessories like purses, hats and jewelry. This encourages you to use what you can see and gives your closet a boutique vibe. Clutch dividers and purse inserts are great tools for this. We've also used risers to elevate handbags and stands or hooks for displaying hats.  



Everyday Hangers

Lined Acacia Bins

Cane Baskets

Cane Boxes with Lid


Curious what makes his closet tick? Discover the Anatomy of His Closet for more tips on organizing a primary closet. 



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