Space Lift: Baby Girl Nursery

Thursday, August 16, 2018

We love showing finalized NEAT spaces on our Instagram feed, but what we love even more is telling the stories of how our clients are living more effiiciently in their newly organized spaces.

Take a look at this nusrsery and see what makes it so NEAT!

City :: Washington, DC

Organizer :: Ashley Hatcher

Room :: Nursery

Hours to complete :: 5.25 hours

Objective :: To convert the workout room into a nursery for the NEAT mama to be!

Client’s favorite feature :: The headband drawer we created in the baby’s closet. Our client loves headbands and mentioned that with her first daughter, baby girl never left the room without a headband. We used a plastic tray insert designed specifically for the Elfa closet system and organized her bows by type to make the process easier.

Stand out product :: Our client was showered with clothing in a variety of sizes, so we used the stripe storage cubes to store clothing for the next sizes up. As her baby grows, she can easily pull down the labeled bins to switch out clothing.

What’s your favorite part of this sweet nursery?


The NEAT Girls

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