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It is that time again! You know… the upcoming night when all of America turns on their tv to find out who the Bachelor will choose. Shortly after, everyone swears that they “will never watch the show again” because they can’t believe he picked, “her.” Regardless, our fella Sean will have to face the facts: we expect a live wedding or a public, disasterous breakup. In the hopes of thinking on the bright side, we’re going to give some tips to Sean and all other fellas out there on how to make room for their significant other.

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First things first: Something’s Gotta Go! Priorities, priorities, priorities, fellas. You likely are going to have to make more room in the closet department. Here are some helpful tips! Take your old favorite T’s and turn them into a t-shirt blanket. Or, consider taking some of those bulky sweaters and using storage under your bed.

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Taking it to the next level: Fool her into thinking you are a cooking machine. Even if you don’t have a lot in the kitchen, set it up like you know what you are doing. Get some inserts for those drawers. Once items have a place in the kitchen, there will be plenty of room for her to add her favorite kitchen gadgets.

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Lastly: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again. We are suckers for a sappy love story. But let’s be honest, Sean’s fairytale ending statistically is disaster bound. Making your place NEAT for your girl won’t be a waste even if things don’t work out. Here are a few things that a girl would LOVE to see done in your place:

-Keep your gaming to a minimum. Hide them in here so she thinks you have other interests.

-Any furniture that was not designed to be furniture needs to go.

-All posters that have things that start with a ‘W’ need to go (think, Wizards, WWF, Women….)


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Welcome home!


the NEAT girls


PS :: SPOILER ALERT!!! Looks like our girl Heather may just win this season of The Bachelor. After all, we caught her spotted in Thailand at the Final Rose Ceremony with the one and only babe, Chris Harrison! True story! (twinsies!)

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