Back to School - How to Manage the Backpack with 3 Simple Tips

Thursday, August 3, 2023

If you've ever stayed up late throwing together a science fair project you just found out was due the next day...join the club. But, we're determined to make this school year the year we tackle every permission slip and book report in advance. Say goodbye to stinky lunchboxes and mysterious due dates - we've put together 3 simple tips for mastering school backpack contents like a champ. 

1. Create a Landing Zone

Don't leave backpacks behind in the car or somewhere else they can easily be neglected. Designate a hook or bin for each backpack inside your most common entryway. Kids may need a bit of training to remember to return them at the end of each day, but once the habit is created you'll always know where to find them. This is especially helpful when running out the door in a hurry, which - let's be honest - is most mornings.

2. Do a Daily Reset

After the backpack has been placed where it belongs, take a minute to remove trash, food, and important papers. Reset lunchboxes and water bottles for the next day with a wash/refill and toss any dirty hats or sweaters in the laundry. Do this every single day and you'll never miss a permission slip again. This step might make sense to delegate depending on the age of your children.

3. Give Contents a Home

Once you've identified those important papers such as artwork keepsakes and book report notices, you'll want an easy spot to collect them. Place a paper sorter on a wall or counter near the backpacks and label each slot based on needs. These may include "Needs Attention" or "Keepsakes To-File". Once each slot is full, it's time to relocate to a keepsake bin or recycle papers that are no longer important. Avoid a bulletin board for these categories as visual paper clutter can often add to the chaos. 

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