Crafting a Coffee Haven in Fort Lauderdale

Monday, March 4, 2024

Organizer Spotlight: Kris White

In the Coral Ridge neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale, Kris White and the NEAT Method Fort Lauderdale team faced a unique challenge. Tasked with transforming a dining corner into a multifunctional coffee and bar area, they set out to maximize a single wall in a guest cottage's small kitchen, with no electrical outlet.

Innovative Solutions for Space and Function

Understanding the clients' need for a cohesive space that could accommodate both a coffee station and a selection of bar essentials, Kris proposed a thoughtful plan. The solution involved adding an essential electrical outlet to power the coffee machine and installing a full sideboard to provide additional storage. To maximize vertical space, two floating shelves, a coffee mug rack, and a wine rack were added above the sideboard, turning the area into a versatile storage and display unit.

Overcoming Spatial Constraints with Strategic Planning

The primary challenge was the limited space available on the small single wall designated for the project. It required a strategic approach to ensure every inch was utilized efficiently. Through careful inventory and categorization of everything that needed stored, the team sought out a sideboard and additional solutions that fit the exact dimensions and requirements of the space.

A Client-Centric Feature Steals the Show

The highlight for the clients was the addition of a coffee bar on an Acacia Turntable that combined aesthetic appeal with accessibility. This feature enhanced the visual of the dining corner and ensured that coffee essentials were easy to reach for an effortless morning routine.

The Impact of Thoughtful Storage Solutions

NEAT Perforated Acacia Baskets stood out for their significant impact on the functionality of the space. They allowed for elevated categorization of a broad collection of items while ensuring everything remained accessible. This solution exemplifies how effective organization can lead to a clean, visually appealing space.

A Unique Project with a Personal Touch

What set this Fort Lauderdale project apart was the opportunity to not just organize but to design the space from scratch. Each storage piece was chosen with intention, resulting in a beautifully cohesive coffee and bar area that reflected the clients' needs and design preferences. This project showcased the transformative power of combining organization with interior design, creating a space that was both functional and inviting.

In Coral Ridge, our clients were left with a dining corner that seamlessly integrated into their lifestyle, proving that even the smallest spaces can be reimagined into something extraordinary with creativity, careful planning, and an eye for design.


Cane Boxes with Lid

Acacia Turntable

Perforated Acacia Basket

Label Holder Set


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