Elevated Bathroom Organization in Charlotte

Friday, May 17, 2024

Organizer Spotlight: Nicole Bartlett

When interior design photographer Heather Ison reached out to NEAT Method Charlotte for help organizing her newly renovated primary bathroom, Nicole Bartlett was ready to take on the challenge. Heather's primary obstacle was the lack of a dedicated space with boundaries for all her items. Instead of shoving things into the closet and cabinets, she was looking for a way to build a system that was workable but also looked as beautiful as her newly renovated bathroom space.

The team kicked off the project the way the would any other. Nicole explained, "Our plan was first to simply separate out all the items and place them into categories. After creating categories, we created boundaries through implementing NEAT product that complemented the aesthetic of her beautiful bathroom as well as making it highly functional." 

One challenge they faced was selecting products to accommodate the pipes under the bathroom sinks. "We had pre-purchased medium Perforated Baskets but they didn't fit on one side of the vanity, so we ended up needing to swap for the smaller ten inch option to fit with the pipes," Nicole shared. And because of insightful product design, even though they used different depth baskets on each side, visually they looked identical and elevated from the front. 

When asked about her favorite part of the system, Heather mentioned two key areas. Nicole shared, "You cannot see this in the photos as it was hard to capture all of the closet, but she loves the Oxford Bins that we implemented for her washcloths and hand towels. She mentioned specifically 'no matter how hard I try, those always end up unfolded and mixed up with the big towels so I love them separated.' In addition, she says, 'Overall, I love how everything has its own label, when I clean up it's not just shoving things in a closet or drawer, every item actually has a space to call home.'"

The standout product used in this project was the Perforated Baskets in Bone. The removable dividers allowed Nicole to section out small bathroom items easily. They also used smaller clear bins inside to allow for even more sections and smaller items to stay put.

Not shown in the photos, this family of four has two small children who take baths in this bathroom. Nicole and her team container their bath toys in one of the vanity drawers so they were out of sight when not in use while still being easy to access.

This primary bathroom organization project, beautifully captured by the client herself, showcases the power of expert planning, customized solutions, and a client-centric approach. By working closely with Heather and adapting to her unique needs and challenges, Nicole Bartlett and the NEAT Method Charlotte team successfully transformed a cluttered bathroom into a functional and beautiful space that the whole family can enjoy.



Perforated Basket

Grid Basket

Oxford Bin

Ceramic Bath Set


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