Elevated Kitchen Organization in Virginia Beach

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Organizer Spotlight: Alayna Hermans

In Virginia Beach's serene Birdneck Point neighborhood, Lisa and Gregg Eure set out to perfect their newly renovated kitchen. With the guidance of Alayna Hermans and the NEAT Method Virginia Beach team, they set a goal to transform their newly renovated space into a zone of elevated efficiency.

Identifying and Addressing the Challenge

The Eures sought professional help to ensure their expanded kitchen was not just larger, but smarter. Their goal was clear: to find the most effective layout for their kitchen items and to integrate organizing solutions that would maintain the kitchen’s new look and feel.

A Plan Rooted in Personalization and Practicality

To achieve this, we engaged in detailed discussions about their previous kitchen’s functionality and their specific needs. This allowed us to customize a plan that included strategically placing essential items for an efficient cooking experience. Our recommendations included specialized products like in-drawer knife blocks and protective Exact Mats, chosen for their ability to enhance functionality.

Navigating Challenges with Flexibility

The project presented unique challenges, including organizing a previously unseen space amid ongoing renovations. Our solution involved using movable folding tables for item sorting, ensuring we could adapt to the dynamic environment and maintain open communication with the Eures throughout the process.

Client-Favored Features: Functional Elegance

The knife drawer became a standout feature for the Eures, appreciated for its ability to keep countertops uncluttered while offering a sleek look. Another hit was the napkin drawer, a simple but effective solution for storing dinner napkins in an easily accessible way.

Maximizing Space with Thoughtful Design

The kitchen’s design was maximized with an abundance of drawers and pull-out storage options, which played a crucial role in its functionality. Our addition of organizers and dividers further leveraged the space, making every storage solution count.

A Project Marked by Personalization and Immediate Impact

This project was distinct due to the Eures' request for a quick and organized transition into their renovated home. Balancing items from their previous residence and a temporary rental, we focused on creating an organized space that felt immediately like home.

In Virginia Beach, the transformation of the Eure family’s kitchen showcases the impact of tailored organization solutions. By combining detailed planning with the unique features of their space, we helped create a kitchen that is not only efficient but a true reflection of their needs and style.

Designer: Kendra Parker 
Photographer: Zoe Grant 
Photo Credit: Tidewater Scout Guide 
Builder: Jackson Andrews Building + Design 



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