Space Lift: Flagstaff Kitchen

Thursday, August 29, 2019

We love showing finalized NEAT spaces on our Instagram feed, but what we love even more is telling the stories of how our clients are living more effiiciently in their newly organized spaces.

Take a look at this kitchen and see what makes it so NEAT!

City :: Flagstaff

Organizer :: Emmaley Otis

Room :: Kitchen

Hours to complete :: 8 hours

Objective :: Unpack and organize kitchen and pantry for this family.

Client’s favorite feature :: This home did not have a traditional pantry, instead there were several drawers and cabinets so we utilized both and created a pantry out of the deep drawers with the help of some bamboo dividers.

Stand out product :: The black tosca baskets used for the breakfast station and bamboo drawer dividers throughout tied together the design of the whole kitchen & pantry.

What’s your favorite part of this kitchen?


The NEAT Girls


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