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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Organizer Spotlight: Ryan Nugent

Ryan Nugent, NEAT Method Bend owner, and his husband Dr. Paul Shultz, a spine surgeon, recently tackled the challenge of transforming their cozy primary closet into an efficient space for two and we had all the questions...

When they moved into their new home, Ryan and Paul chose the smaller of two primary closets, which created a bit of a challenge. "We had to play Tetris with our clothes," Ryan quips. "It was like trying to fit a giraffe into a Mini Cooper, but with more Hawaiian shirts." Sounds like a typical work day in the life of an organizer.

 They implemented creative solutions to maximize space including NEAT Oxford Bins to contain categories on shelves and Command Hooks to display Ryan's hat collection. "My hats are now displayed like they're in the Louvre," Ryan jokes. "Except instead of the Mona Lisa, we have a signed Mariners cap."

In addition to Ryan's hats, Paul also has a pretty impressive shacket collection. "We went to extraordinary lengths to ensure closet equality," Paul says. Ryan chimes in, "Yeah, it was like the Treaty of Versailles, but with more negotiations over sock drawer space." Honestly, we're impressed. 

The first thing we had to know about Ryan and Paul's closet dynamic was whether they share clothes. Turns out, not really but they do share the same shoe size. "Getting married meant we doubled our shoe choices," Ryan notes. "It's like we won the Footlocker lottery, minus the actual winning part." 

Their morning routines are pretty efficient, with both taking minimal time to get ready. Paul, who leaves first, needed practical storage for his scrubs and NEAT Oxford Bins were the perfect solution. "They're not just for scrubs," Ryan explains. "They're also perfect for hiding my secret stash of dad jokes." 

The two dedicated a full Saturday to organizing the entire space together, and the results speak for themselves. A thorough wardrobe edit made the biggest impact. "We had a clothes purge that would make Marie Kondo weep with joy," Ryan says. Bravo, gentlemen.  

In the end, they chose not to label their bins. "Our closet went for an incognito look," Ryan explains. "It's like a spy movie in there. 'The name's Pants. Khaki Pants.'" And while you know we love a good labeling moment, when everyone who uses the space has a full understanding of what belongs where, it's not always necessary. 

We love the way this walk-in closet came together and we're obviously big fans of the couple who organized it too. As Ryan likes to say, "Who knew organizing could be so fun? It's like a party, but instead of confetti, we throw socks." 


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