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Tis the season! This time of year is all about family, friends, celebration and that usually means – travel. It’s tough to stay organized while on the road, so we brought in our good friend Emily Lytle with Ready to Where to share her best tips for holiday packing. Let’s get started!

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NM :: What is your number one packing recommendation?

EL :: The top travel tip from all of our stylists is to plan your outfits! I travel frequently throughout the U.S. to see clients and always reference my reusable packing checklist to make sure I don't forget anything. After a quick check of the weather forecast, I lay out my outfits ahead of time for each day and potential event. This may sound like a pain, but it is a must to stay prepared and save on baggage fees (and why our packing prep service is so popular!). Select your key pieces and let those be your guide to stick to a cohesive color palette.

If you want to add an extra item or two, make it strategic. Our stylist Rachael always includes a versatile item that can be dressed up or down, like a blazer or jacket. She also packs a polished staple, like a white sweater or blouse, as an easy go-to for most occasions. Don't forget accessories, like a scarf or jewelry, to update any simple look.

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NM :: What about packing tips for shoes, toiletries and apparel inside your luggage?

EL :: Use packing cubes. They really do work! For jackets, silk blouses and dresses, I use dry cleaner hangers and fold a hanging garment bag inside my suitcase. Wrinkles are inevitable no matter the method, so be sure to grab some wrinkle release spray. From someone who ruined a dress due to a rogue conditioner, I always use plastic zip bags and a sealed waterproof toiletry bag.

As you might have guessed, it really does help to keep shoes to a minimum! You know those cloth bags that come in your new shoe boxes? I use them to keep clutches and shoes separate (and clean!) in my suitcase. Fill a lingerie bag with underwear and bras, and for even more space, stuff your socks into your shoes. Store your jewelry in smaller bags and wrap them inside clutches or purses. And don't forget your hostess gift!

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NM :: What should you wear on travel days?

EL :: Especially at this time of year, with delays and longer travel times, comfort is key. Ditch the pajamas and athleisure and opt for a more polished version of this…like a soft knit blazer, stretchy jeans or pants, and an oversized wrap/scarf. For additional luggage space, follow our stylist Helen's advice and wear your largest or heaviest flat boots on travel day. The best part of this look? This outfit can be reworked for multiple looks throughout your trip. 

My carry-on tote includes my makeup bag, a mobile battery charger and an extra pair of warm socks (which can also come in handy in a cold home or hotel room). Use a carabiner or clip to attach any larger hats to the strap of your carryon tote. Remember to download any podcasts, videos or books! 

Bonus NEAT Tips:

  • We definitely agree with Emily – packing cubes are great! Our favorite ones are by Mumi Design.
  • When you’re packing to come home, separate your clothing by dirty & clean to make your unpacking even easier. Your packing cubes can help keep the categories separate!
  • To keep IDs, documents & paperwork organized while traveling we partnered with Mumi Design to create the ultimate travel clutch. You can pre-order today and receive it in time for the holidays!

What’s your favorite travel tip?

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