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Thursday, August 17, 2023

The drop-zone - it's arguably one of the most used spaces in a home. Located near your most common entrance to corral shoes, bags and other everyday items, the drop-zone can also be the most chaotic. As summer winds down and school kicks off, it's a great time to get everything in check. We asked our team to share their own drop zones and tips on how they keep it organized all year long. Keep reading to see and steal their spaces! 

1. Utilize a Drawer

Living a minimalist life is key for functioning in our multi-zone spaces. We don't exactly have a traditional drop zone so I had to select a drawer in our kitchen (closest to our back door) to serve as our "drop zone", using our Acacia Drawer Insert. Since it is only one drawer, it has forced me to address any mail, school papers/supplies, etc. right away. It is definitely a drawer that needs editing on the regular since it serves many purposes (keys, wallet, sunglasses, charging cords, grab-n-go, etc). 

-Ashley Murphy, Founder + CEO


2. Customize Contents

Like all families, getting out the door with my girls is a mad dash most days. So I tucked a hairbrush and sunblock in a small basket at the front door to prevent additional trips upstairs. I also like to keep part of the entry table clear to place outgoing items the night before like returns or school projects. 

-Lisa Ruff, Director of Marketing

3. Set Limits

We have a drop zone right at our back door. The bottom cabinet holds one pair of shoes for each of us. Our daughters' school backpack and sports bag are kept out in the open so they aren't forgotten. The top cabinet holds keys, sunglasses and other items we might need while on the go. We also keep "out of reach" items up here like bubble solution and lighters for my candles. An emergency contact list is also in this cabinet with information for city services. Keeping all of our "go to" items easy to grab and put back along our most common walking path ensures we will keep up with staying NEAT.

-Valerie Wood, Technical Operations Manager


4. Add Shelving

Living in a 110+ year old home, we don't have a closet in our entryway. By using a half-depth IKEA PAX wardrobe and limiting how much outerwear/footwear each family member can keep within it each season, we make this drop zone work for us while concealing our items behind closed doors and Rope Bins to limit the visual clutter in a small space.

-Jen Rowe, NEAT Method Toronto Owner


5. Provide Boundaries

We use a Vegan Leather Rope Bin for each family member to keep items together in one place. Added bonus - their flexible shape fits a variety of sized contents. An expandable Acacia Drawer Divider in a drop zone drawer helps keep items separated and turns one drawer into two! This allows us to tuck away everyday items like shoes and homework supplies, while still giving us easy access!

-Hannah Goetz, Director of Franchise Operations


6. Shop Space Saving Items

We use an IKEA Pax unit by our garage entry. Our primary closet is small and we don't wear shoes in the house, so we keep our everyday shoes in this space as well as hats stored in our Oxford Bins. Aside from traditional drop zone items, we also store outdoor activity items like sunscreen, beach towels (we use thin towels that aren't bulky and dry easily), and stuff for our dogs for quick grab as we are heading out to play!

-Julia Purdy, Director of Franchise Development


7. Prioritize Essentials

Our 10” Perforated Baskets work perfectly in my upper drop zone cabinets for smaller categories that I use often and can easily grab when heading in or out.  They hold our daily summer essentials like bug spray, sunblock, pet supplies, flashlights and bandaids.  

-Lauren Combs, Director of Product Development


8. Assign Zones

Our drop zone consists of three valet trays on vintage lockers near the front door. This helps keep clutter to a minimum while making priority grab-and-go items accessible. Each family member's tray includes things such as car keys, sunglasses, punch cards, gum and hair tools. I love how each tray serves as a physical boundary.

-Nikki Orsborn, Lead Graphic Designer


9. Edit Regularly

My husband and I each have our own designated 6x6 Everyday Drawer Organizer for keys, headphones, wallets, and anything else we take out of our pockets when we get home. The rule is when that organizer gets overfilled, it’s time to re-home the items that don’t belong. My husband’s most recent edit included throat lozenges, rubber bands, old receipts, safety goggles, and lots of lint! 

-Talia Lewey, Social Media Coordinator


Acacia Drawer Insert

Vegan Leather Rope Bin

Oxford Bin

Everyday Drawer Organizers

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