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Friday, September 8, 2017

That’s right! NEAT Method is officially launching in Kansas City this week with our very own, Celsie Sneden. Celsie has been with the Chicago team the last couple of years and is now getting back to her roots by moving back to Kansas City where she will launch our newest NEAT market. 

Celsie Sneden, NEAT Method Kansas City, Professional Organizer, Home Organizing

NM :: Hi Celsie!  How did you come to run NEAT Method Kansas City?

CS :: I have been very lucky this last year and a half because I have been able to work with the amazing NEAT Method Chicago ladies and have fallen in love with EVERYTHING NEAT!!! That being said, after having amazing adventures in Chicago for the past four years and working as a nanny to three families prior to NEAT, it started to feel like it was time to move closer to my family in Kansas. I was actually born and raised in Topeka Kansas (the state capital) and I lived in Lawrence while I went to KU but will be living in Kansas City for the first time this year!  

I couldn’t imagine my life without NEAT and I was really feeling like I needed to be closer to my family. Running NEAT in Kansas is like having my cake and eating it, too!

Celsie Sneden, NEAT Method Kansas City, Professional Organizer

NM :: We’re so excited for you! Tell us a bit more about Kansas City. 

CS :: Well, Kansas City is actually in two different states (Kansas and Missouri) so being in two different places at once is pretty awesome! In all seriousness, Kansas City is such an amazing place to explore, between the famous BBQ to going to baseball games (GO ROYALS!) it is a place that has a little something for everyone!

Celsie Sneden, NEAT Method Kansas City, Professional Organizer, Minnie Mouse, Disney

NM :: Speaking of BBQ, what are your favorite places to eat in your city?

CS ::  I know mentioned BBQ earlier when talking about what makes KC unique and I was not kidding.  If you haven’t had Kansas City BBQ you haven’t been to Kansas City! There are many great places to eat BBQ but the last place I had great BBQ was Arthur Bryant's.

NM :: Yum! Well, we’ll definitely have to visit and try some!  Let’s chat organizing.  What is YOUR most organized space?  Show us a picture of your most organized space and tell us what it is

CS :: Under my bed! I had to work to make space, so putting my bed on risers created enough space to store my suitcases behind storage bins.

Celsie Sneden, NEAT Method Kansas City, Professional Organizer

NM :: Great use of space!  Now, what about your least organized?!

CS :: My least organized space is less a space and more a piece of furniture. I’d been looking for a chair for my bedroom for ages. I finally found “the one” but unfortunately it’s turned into my version of a “catch all”. So, I am proud to say I do not have a single “junk drawer” in my place but 85% of the time I have a beautiful cream colored cushioned oversized catch-all instead of the luxurious reading/make up/desk chair I intended. 

Celsie Sneden, NEAT Method Kansas City, Professional Organizer

NM :: What are you looking forward to most to running NEAT Kansas City?

CS :: I’m looking forward to working with an amazing team of people who are passionate about all things organizing. And I can’t wait to work with clients excited to make a change and live the NEAT life! My clients can expect an excited and passionate NEAT team working hard to give them beautiful, functional spaces in every space of their home!

Celsie Sneden, NEAT Method Kansas City, Professional Organizer

NM :: Do you have any hidden talents that we should know about? 

CS :: I am able to put together/build just about anything and given the opportunity, I jump at the chance to take apart something that is broken just to put it back together again!

NM :: That’s sure going to come in handy (see what we did there!) as you set up shelving and storage pieces in client homes. What about your favorite organizing product, do you have one?

CS ::  I am a sucker for the Linus drawer organizers from The Container Store. I love that there is an infinite amount of combinations you can use and finding the perfect arrangement is like placing the final piece to a puzzle, SUCCESS!

Celsie Sneden, NEAT Method Kansas City, Professional Organizer

NM :: What are some of your favorite blogs and why? 

CS :: Refined Rooms is a fun blog with a great mix of how-to’s and Pinterest style ideas. I love getting inspired by the different design ideas! Also, Do It On A Dime has some great videos and tips on organizing and decorating.

NM :: OK, as we wrap this up, anything else you think we need to know?

CS :: Only that I know a lot of odd ‘fun facts’ and that I am beyond excited to bring NEAT Method to Kansas!! 

NM :: Us too! While the Chicago team is going to miss you dearly, we’re all excited for you to launch your own market and look forward to all of your success in KC!


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