Revamping a Kitchen and Pantry in Sunny Jupiter, Florida

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Organizer Spotlight: Blaire Davidson

When a young family recently made the move from sunny California to the equally sunny shores of Jupiter, Florida, life was looking up. But, there was a little hiccup in their new home – no pantry in the kitchen. With a little one in tow and no nearby storage for their food and supplies, they were at a loss. That's when Blaire Davidson and the NEAT Method Jupiter team swooped in.

The Strategy

Without a dedicated space for food and supplies, Blaire and her team needed to think creatively and make sure it was kid-friendly and organized.

They tackled the issue by breaking down the kitchen into thoughtful zones. One section of cabinets and drawers became a pantry with dedicated space for all the dry goods. Meanwhile, the rest of the kitchen was meticulously organized to store dishes, utensils, food storage, pots, and pans.

Unique Challenges

Managing food items in one area while choosing the perfect pantry spot wasn't a walk in the park. With a little one running around, accessibility was key. Blaire and her team had to ensure that snacks were easy to reach, all while maintaining a neat and tidy space.

The breakthrough came when they truly listened to the family's needs. They also enlisted the help of trusted NEAT products, which helped create organized categories even in tight spaces. The team got creative with drawers and cabinets, making sure everything had its designated home.

Smart and Stylish Storage

The family's favorite feature? Those drawers that were as functional as they were stylish. One drawer, in particular, became the kitchen's MVP, holding spices, knives, and oven mitts—all within arm's reach of the stove. Talk about cooking convenience!

Speaking of convenience, NEAT 10" Grid Baskets turned out to be a secret weapon in optimizing space. These little champs helped keep items organized, even in the coziest corners of the kitchen.

What Made This Project Special

What truly made this project stand out was the family's big move from California to Florida. Adjusting to a new lifestyle, climate, and house layout was no small feat. With the expertise of Blaire and her team, they ensured that their new chapter in Delray Beach felt like home sweet home.

In a nutshell, this kitchen and pantry makeover in Jupiter shows that a little creativity and personalization can overcome even the trickiest of challenges. If you're in Delray Beach (or anywhere in the Jupiter area) and looking to revamp your living spaces, don't hesitate to reach out to our team. Your dream kitchen could be just around the corner!


Spice Jar Set

10" Grid Basket

Acacia Drawer Divider

Acacia Turntable


The NEAT Team

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