A Label for Every Basket, Bin & Canister

Thursday, August 25, 2022

If you didn't already know, we're big fans of labeling around here. Without them, it's likely that your organizing system will quickly unravel. Not to worry, we have just the solutions for all of your labeling needs.

The trickiest part with labeling is figuring out how and where to attach them to your container of choice. We've been there, done that, and tried all the ways. Hanging labels swing and loosen, paper labels bend and tear, and the majority of sticker labels on the market are far too permanent for the typical lifestyle. Labels were a major pain point for us early in our business. But, we took that frustration and turned it into products designed to solve these issues. Read on for our simple label solutions for every bin, basket and canister in your home... 


Woven Baskets

Often times, we're forced to place a label on the handle even if it's not the most functional. Utilize a woven basket to your advantage by weaving your label through the material, anywhere on the basket. We love placing it front and center using our Label Holder Sets. The included wire prong and front plate are durable and easy to attach without damaging the basket material.  


Metal Baskets

Labeling has never been easier than when you combine metal baskets with our Label Holder Sets. Simply place the magnetized front plate wherever you'd like, then add your label of choice to the surface. Voila! Here, we've used our bone Label Holder with a bone Pantry Label Set

Fabric Bins

Yep, we have a solution for fabric bins too! All you have to do is magnetize the front and back plate of our Label Holder Sets together, on either side of the material. The six super strong magnets will hold on almost any fabric bin. All you have to do is finalize by adding your favorite labels to the Label Holder. 

Canisters, Jars & Smooth Sided Bins

We know your needs and categories change over time. Say goodbye to sticker labels that leave frustrating residue behind. Our Label Sets are easy to remove without tearing and never leave a mess. We offer them in pre-printed Pantry, Closet and Spice label sets, as well as Blank Label Sets, for any super specific categories you might have. Attach them to any smooth surface without worrying how you'll remove it later. 



Ready to get labeling? Discover all our solutions.


the NEAT team

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