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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We have some FABULOUSly exciting news to kick off 2014!!! Another great girl is officially a part of the NEAT team and we couldn't be more excited to brag tell you about her! It is our pleasure to introduce you to our newest Chicago gal (aka Ashley's Partner in Crime) Brooke!

cue adorable cowgirl

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NM :: Oh.Em.Gee. Welcome to the team!! We are so excited to introduce you to everyone! Lets start with something easy…What's your full name?

BR :: Hi NEAT world! My full name is Elizabeth Brooke Ruder, but most know me as Brooke. For whatever reason, my parents liked the sound of Elizabeth Brooke more so than Brooke Elizabeth.

We would have to agree Mr & Mrs Ruder!

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NM :: Give us the CliffsNotes on your background

BR :: I was born and raised in a northwest suburb of Chicago. I left the Midwest to attend college in Austin, Texas (Hey, Ya'll) – and after gradtuation I took a position with an event planning company in Los Angeles. After a couple of years in SoCal, I found myself missing "Sweet Home Chicago," and just over a year ago…I made my way back! Currently I live in the West Loop with my younger sister. As the oldest of three, it's nice to back amongst family!

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NM :: So what were your college days like? 

BR :: It was a "love at first sight" kind of story with my choice of schools. I attended the Universtiy of Texas in Austin and graduated with a Bachelors in PR. Between the warm weather, friendly Austinites (you mean boys??), Longhorn football religion, and the Chi Omega sorority life (I was our President – Woo Woo!!), I couldn't have asked for a better undergrad experience. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Austin, I highly recommend it! Hook 'em Horns!



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NM :: What is your most OCD tendency?

BR :: Lists, lists & more lists! "To Do" lists, shopping lists, reading lists, gifts lists…the lists are endless! I truly cannot live without them. I'll cross things off and then immediately feel the need to rewrite it all. It isn't my most "green" quality, but I do recycle! Going paperless is a 2014 goal of mine! 

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NM :: What is the least organized space in your home? You HAVE to be messy somewhere!

BR :: Our laundry nook is the last remaining space in our condo that I need to address. It has become kind of a catchall – between laundry, utility, recycling, and cleaning. It is functional for now, but the aesthetics are definitely not NEAT Method approved. Thankfully a home tour wasn't required to hire me!

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NM :: What do you like to do in your free time (besides organize)??

BR :: I love spending time with my family, friends, and boyfriend. I've made it a mission to rediscover everything that Chicago has to offer (ie The Art Institute, Wrigley Field, the Field Museum, and Millenium Park) – all of which, I took for granted when I was younger! Other than that, I love to read, spend time outside (I really miss the LA hiking!), go to concerts and most of all, travel! I look for any excuse  to do so! Next stops: Abu Dhabi & Dubai!

Ummm #jelly



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NM :: Tell us one thing many people may not know about you? 

BR :: I am a registered nurse. When I was living in LA, I went back to school for nursing and graduated with another Bachelors from San Diego State University. I guess you could say I really love school! I think I’ve had my fill of formal schooling for now but I still dabble from time to time with courses through Coursera and EdX or by listening to aTED talk or Khan lecture

All right Miss Education! Hopefully you love learning to color code!


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NM :: What made you want to join the NEAT team?

BR:: I started following NEAT Method when I read their feature on DailyCandy and loved everything about the company and overall mission. Organization is something I have always felt passionate about… even to the point that I impose it on family and friends! I truly believe an organized home and life are essential to achieving good health and well-being. I reached out to the Chicago team as soon as I moved back, and couldn’t be more excited to officially be a part of the NEAT team.

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NM :: Rumor has it you enjoy a good blog. Which ones are your daily reads?

BR:: After the end of Google Reader (RIP), I scrambled to find an alternative – as I love using RSS Feeds to follow all of my favorite blogs. Thankfully, Feedly came to the rescue, so I can keep up-to-date with my 300+ subscriptions including Cup of JoShutterbeanSee JaneBleubird VintageWhoorlOh Joy! and 100 Layer Cake. Yeah, I’m kind of obsessed!

300+ subscriptions?? Definitely obsessive gf!

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NM :: Where is your favorite place to eat in Chicago?

BR:: This is so tough, as there are so many great places! Currently, my go tos are Au Cheval for the burger, Avec for everything, OON for the creativity, Bavette’s for the steak, RM Champagne for dessert and Publican Quality Meats for an excellent sandwich. I guess I am biased toward the West Loop Randolph street locations. But if I had to pick one? Maude’s, hands down.

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NM :: Who you crushin on these days?? 😉

BR :: Aside from my handsome man? Well… I have a serious thing for Stephen Colbert. It’s true. I can’t explain it… I mean, he’s just so smart and witty. Girl crush would definitely be Diane Sawyer. I tape World News every night and it’s almost a guarantee that the person of the week segment brings me to tears.

brooke ruder, neat method, neat method chicago, wine country, napa, sonoma

Isn't she just the cutest thing ever? We absolutely adore her, and we can guarantee everyone in Chicago does/will feel the same way! Welcome to the NEAT team Brooke!!!


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