Memphis Kitchen Makeover: A Germantown Transformation

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Organizer Spotlight: Erica Miller

In the community of The Highlands in Germantown, TN, a family of five faced the exciting but daunting task of optimizing their newly renovated home. Their kitchen and pantry, now filled with excess storage after a significant makeover, needed a thoughtful approach to balance function with elevated aesthetics. Enter Erica Miller, and the NEAT Method Memphis team, ready to make sure the family’s spaces were maximized to their full potential.

The Challenge: An Abundance of Space

A home with excess storage might not sound like a problem at all, but the new abundance of shelving in this family's pantry left the space feeling bare. Designed with open shelving and seamlessly blending into the kitchen, it needed strategic organization to both showcase and function efficiently.

The NEAT Method Solution

Erica and her team took on this project with a clear vision: to find the perfect blend of function and design. By strategically relocating select items to the kitchen and utilizing customizable shelving, they were able to create an appealing and balanced visual in the pantry. 

Overcoming an Enviable Problem

Faced with the luxury of multiple storage possibilities, selecting the best location for kitchen essentials turned out to be a fun challenge. Erica introduced a system of zones for different kitchen needs, streamlining the organization process and enhancing the kitchen’s intuitiveness.

Client's Favorite Touch

The transformation of small, previously overlooked shelves near the stove stood out as a project highlight. By decanting the client's spice collection into matching jars with sleek labels, Erica was able to create a sophisticated display that also provided easy access mid-recipe. 

The Impactful Addition

The introduction of a "snack drawer" made possible with NEAT Method Drawer Dividers was a game changer, especially for the family's three children. Positioned at an accessible height in the pantry, this drawer allowed the kids to easily grab their favorite snacks, promoting independence while keeping the space organized.

Tailoring to Family Life in Memphis

This project stood out not only for its scale but for Erica and her team's ability to customize the organization system to the family's unique lifestyle. The renovation’s result wasn’t just about having more space; it was about thoughtfully utilizing that space to enhance daily life within the home.

A Masterpiece of Organization and Style

This Memphis project focused on creating a system that reflected and accommodated the lives of those who use it. Erica and her team's expertise in this Germantown kitchen and pantry highlight the impact of every NEAT Method space: one that is both beautiful and sustainable.


Perforated Acacia Basket

Grid Baskets

Acacia Drawer Dividers

Spice Jar Set


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