Moving Tips from the Pros

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Moving can be such a stressful experience! At NEAT Method we love getting our clients all settled in and ready to go immediately after the move, but we wanted to ask the pros for their best moving tips. Our friends at FlatRate Moving were kind enough to answer some of our moving FAQ.

FlatRate Moving started in 1991 hoping to change not only the moving experience, but the moving industry as a whole. The flat-rate moving pricing model was established in New York, and has influenced the way people move around town, the country and the world. FlatRate now operates nine branches located in major cities throughout the US, in London, and an additional 160 representatives in destinations around the world.

FlatRate is offering our New York clients 20% off packing services when they mention code “Neat Method.”

NM :: How can customers best prepare their home for a pack & move?

FR :: Two things are essential to remember when prepping for your move: 1.Declutter before packing– it is best to dig through your home and decide what to take with you as well as what to get rid of, sell, or donate so that you only take what you need with you especially when moving long distance or into storage as moving more items can increase the price of your move. 2. Find out building restrictions and make elevator reservations if needed with your building prior to your move to help ensure that everything is set up when it comes to your move day.

NM :: What is one of the biggest packing tips you wish more people knew before moving?

FR :: Pack essentials and items you will need right away when you arrive at your new place such as your cell phone charger, jewelry, or medicine in a separate labeled box or overnight bag that you can easily locate once you get to your new home. Packing is the most important part of moving because how well your items are packed determines what shape they will arrive in. The best approach is to let professionals do the packing for you or if you choose to do it yourself, be sure to pack carefully. See our videos for how to pack like a pro.

NM :: How far in advance should you plan your move, start packing, book moving company, etc.?

FR :: You should start the planning and packing process for your move at least 2 weeks prior to your move date for local moves, and at least four weeks in advance for long distance moves. That being said, you will always get the best price if you book over one month in advance.

NM :: What is a common mistake some customers make while moving and how can we avoid it?

FR :: Some common mistakes people make while moving include thinking they can pack everything on their own especially their most fragile items that require professional attention and extra care when packing such as antique furniture or expensive artwork. Also, waiting till the last minute to start packing is a common moving mistake especially among busy New Yorkers but this can add unneccesary stress and delay the moving process. To avoid this, it is best to pack in advance of your move day.

Another big mistake people tend to make is choosing a moving company that is unlicensed or that offers a low hourly rate because the price will often end up being higher at the end of the move due to the move taking longer as well as traffic and parking issues that could occur.

NM :: What’s the best way to pick the right moving company?

FR :: Word of mouth is key here so it is best to ask friends and family to find out the pros and cons of different companies as well as reaching out to professionals you work with such as real estate agents for mover recommendations. Many reviews online can’t be trusted since some of the newer and less professional companies have 5 stars while some of the best companies have below 4 star ratings. It is also essential to check with the BBB(Better Business Bureau) for a company’s rating and find out if your moving company is properly licensed by going to

NM :: Thank you so much for answering all of our burning questions! We are thrilled that with your tips packing and moving doesn’t have to seem so daunting!

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