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Thursday, August 1, 2019

It’s that time again! Launch week. This week we are launching new franchise owners and new markets! Let’s dive in to see who our new additions are.

We want to welcome Stephanie Hampton of Fort Worth. We are thrilled she’s a part of the team. Let’s find out more about what makes her so NEAT.

NM :: Why do you want to run NEAT in your city?

SH :: Funky Town is ready for Neat! The people here are so kind and welcoming, I cant wait to get started. ­

NM :: What did you do before NEAT?

SH :: I have been lucky enough to work with Neat Dallas for the last year and a half and I am also a Realtor. ­

Fort Worth skyline with the Trinity River in the foreground.

NM :: What makes your city unique?

SH :: Fort Worth is such a FUN and unique city. There is anything you want in Fort Worth – from great shopping to entertainment to some of the best food you can find. ­

NM :: How long have you lived in your city?

SH :: I am a born and raised DFW girl. I have lived here my entire life and will always call Texas my home. ­

NM :: What are your favorite places to shop in your city?

SH :: University Park Village has a little bit of everything and you can’t go wrong with Sundance Square. ­

NM :: What are your favorite places to eat in your city?

SH :: Joe T. Garcia’s if you are looking for a Fort Worth legacy, I love Thai Food and Sikhay Thai Lao is one of the best, and Lonesome Dove is always a solid choice. ­

NM :: Show us a picture of your most organized space and tell us what it is.

SH :: Here’s a picture of my laundry room. We had to add some cabinets for this tiny laundry room and utilizing all the space we could was a challenge. ­

NM :: What about your least organized space and tell us what the heck happened.

SH :: We JUST moved (last week moved) so my entire house is currently a challenge. Stay tuned for the after pics lol ­

NM :: What do you think is going to be your favorite part of running NEAT in your city?

SH :: I love the people here. Everyone from Fort Worth is so down to earth and kind. ­

NM :: What can people expect when they hire you to organize their home?

SH :: Professionalism and going above and beyond. Surpassing peoples expectations is always my goal. ­

NM :: Do you have any hidden talents that we should know about?

SH :: Talent – probably not, but fun fact I was a wrestler in high school!

Congratulations! We’re so excited to have you join NEAT!

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