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Thursday, April 15, 2021

We want to welcome Melissa Porter of Hartford, Connecticut to the NEAT team. We are thrilled to have her. Let’s find out more about what makes her so NEAT.

NM :: Why do you want to run NEAT in your city?

MP ::  Connecticut is a small state with a big heart and an even bigger presence of style. New homes, mid-century homes and historic homes require all different personalized organizations. Homes are an extension of who we are and I am excited to bring NEAT organization to the homes in Connecticut.


NM :: What did you do before NEAT?

MP :: I was a Dental Hygienist in a family owned practice for 25 years.  I am excited to do what I love within my own business - organize and help others. 


NM :: What makes your city unique?

MP :: Each town surrounding our capital has its own character.  Small vibrant suburbs, quaint New England villages with changing landscapes all add to its wonderful personality.  Within two hours you can be in Boston, New York, the mountains or sitting on the beach.


NM :: How long have you lived in your city?

MP ::  Born and raised in Connecticut, I am a true New Englander.  I left for my college years only to return and I continue to explore this great state and embrace each season with a new sense of excitement.


NM :: What are your favorite places to eat in your city?

MP ::  A morning coffee at Dom’s in Avon or the Hartford Baking Company in West Hartford for a coffee and a pastry.  I love West Hartford’s local ethnic restaurants, Zohara Mediterranean, Frida Mexican and Hot Basil Thai for dinner and drinks.


NM :: Show us a picture of your most organized space and tell us what it is.

MP :: My bathroom and towel closet.


NM :: What inspired you to start NEAT in your city?

MP :: My best friend from high school, Jennifer Vallez is an artist who spends her days creating art and products that inspire.  She started her small business Sophie and Lili sixteen years ago. She has inspired me to own a business that would feed my creative side and bring me the joy she has found within owning her business.


NM :: What do you think is going to be your favorite part of running NEAT in your city?

MP ::  Organizing and meeting people!  I love working with others and using my talents to help others. I am excited to assist my clients with their personal lifestyle transformation.


NM :: What can people expect when they hire you to organize their home?

MP ::  Clients can expect a passionate and energetic person. Attention to detail and order.  I will provide a high level of excellence to each unique circumstance. All clients will be handled with a personalized, private and non-judgemental approach.  Home organization should be tailored to each space and the client’s needs. By introducing NEAT to clients in Connecticut I will create simple, functional and beautiful spaces, eliminating some stress and anxiety in their everyday life.


NM :: We completely agree! Do you have any hidden talents that we should know about?

MP :: I am obsessed with fine fiber, knitting and design. I never leave home without a knitting project in my possession.


Amazing! Congratulations on launching Hartford. We’re so excited to have you join NEAT!

The NEAT Team

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