Orlando Craft Room Transformation

Thursday, October 1, 2020

It’s not very often as an organizer that we get stumped – but it does happen. When we started this craft room project, the goal was to combine all craft and workout equipment into one space. While we knew this would be a challenge, we started working and space planning. Then we hit a wall – we didn’t know what else to do. It became clear that the only way to accomplish our client’s vision was to utilize a more efficient storage piece – enter the Create Room DreamBox.

If you don’t know what the DreamBox is, it’s basically a piece transformer-esque craft storage furniture – it opens up to be a full workspace with tons of storage, but also folds in to the size of a large armoire. This was exactly what we needed, so we were thrilled when it finally arrived.


Like always, we started organizing by pulling everything out and sorting to create categories. Then, once the DreamBox arrived, we used the perfectly sized bins and baskets to separate and contain the growing craft collection. We loved the way the bins were so colorful, so we wanted our labels to be minimal – opting for a thin chalkboard label.

As organizers, it was a breeze to work with the DreamBox, they truly have crafters in mind since the trays are perfectly sized for scrapbook paper, the hooks hold tools like scissors and brushes and the doors fit vinyl and sticker rolls for the client’s Cricut machine – they truly thought of everything.


During the process, our client emailed saying “All I can say is that after coming home from my day out with the girls, I am so amazed at the current transformation of our art/workout room. I can’t wait to see the finished product! My daughters will have a space where they can see all of their crafts to enhance their imagination and I will have a space for my projects all in one dedicated area that doesn’t even take up the whole room. Thank you for bringing the Dreambox to our home!”

Once everything was done, we were shocked and impressed with the transformation. We were able to give the client exactly what she was looking for, but we couldn’t have done it without the DreamBox. If you’re interested in getting your very own, you can use code NEATDREAM for $100 off your purchase.

Happy crafting!


Meg Wittman NEAT Orlando

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