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Thursday, July 18, 2019

We are THRILLED to announce that NEAT Method is officially international! This week we launch four new markets in Canada and we cannot wait for you to meet the new women joining the NEAT family. We’d love for you to meet Tania Hendriks of NEAT Ottawa. Let’s see what makes her a perfect fit for this job.

NM :: Welcome Tania! We are so excited for you to be a part of the very first NEAT Canada launch! What made you want to run NEAT in your area?

TH :: I am thrilled to bring NEAT Method to Ottawa and to be among the first to launch in Canada! Canadians have been asking for NEAT Method to expand into Canada and I’m delighted to be able to help clients in Ottawa experience the NEAT life!

NM :: We are too! What did you do before launching NEAT?

TH :: I have worked in the private corporate sector for almost 20 years as a management professional and now I look forward to this next adventure.

NM :: What makes Ottawa unique?

TH :: As Canada’s capital, Ottawa is home to Parliament Hill. The city hosts many popular festivals throughout the year, such as the Canadian Tulip Festival, Winterlude and the biggest Canada Day celebration in the country. Ottawa is also home to the famous Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Rideau Canal is the world’s longest skating rink in the winter at 7.8km. Ottawa is a diverse city with a friendly small town vibe!

NM :: What a great place to live! How long have you lived there?

TH :: I have lived in the Ottawa area my entire life!

NM :: Born and raised, we love that! So you must know the best places to shop in your city!

TH :: I do a lot of shopping online, but the historic Byward Market is a great place to spend the day shopping at the local boutiques and outdoor vendors. Sparks Street, The Glebe, Westboro Village and Wellington West are great areas of the city to spend the day browsing the small local shops. You can find some really unique treasures.

NM :: What about your favorite places to eat in Ottawa?

TH :: There are so many great places to eat in Ottawa! One favourite is El Camino on Elgin St. They are known for their tacos, tequila and raw bar. Another favourite is Tennessy Willems on Wellington St. West. They offer the best authentic wood-oven pizza using local ingredients. Little India Cafe is another favourite for authentic Indian food and they are also one of the oldest Indian restaurants in the city. The Cheshire Cat Pub in the city’s west-end is a great stop for classic British pub fare and they also have an extensive local beer menu. Art-Is-In Bakery in the city centre is a great spot for lunch or a coffee and a sweet treat. For a special occasion, Beckta on Elgin St. is a favourite.

NM :: As a professional organizer you must have a pretty NEAT home… what’s your tidiest space?

TH :: This is an example of how I organise my kitchen drawers. My kitchen is usually the most organised area of our home.

NM :: What about your least organized space… what the heck happened.

TH :: This is our garden shed. In our rush to get all of the summer stuff put away last winter, we weren’t too concerned about organising it at the time (it was too cold!). We’re just starting the process of digging out all of the summer items and our plan is to get this organised over the weekend!

NM :: Do you have any hidden talents that we should know about?

TH :: Not sure if this is considered a talent, but I am pretty quick at picking up song lyrics and remembering them forever!

You’ll definitely fit in! We love a good song and dance session. 😉

Welcome Tania, we can’t wait to see how you #NEATtheNorth!

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