Our First NEAT Guy!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

For years you have heard us refer to ourselves as The NEAT Girls! Well times they are a changing and we could not be more excited to have our first male member of The NEAT Team.

Meet Terapan Lilittham! He is San Francisco's newest organizer and an amazing addition to the team. We knew you would need to know more, so here is an interview with this NEAT guy …


Terapan Lilittham, San Francisco Organizer, NEAT Method

NM :: Where are you from originally? 
TL :: San Francisco. Born & raised in the Mission district. & things have really changed in the neighborhood. 

NM :: How did you find NEAT?
TL :: Through exhaustive internet searching as I began my journey to become the most amazing organizing professional. I reached out to Lisa for an apprenticeship via LinkedIn after thoroughly ogling NEAT's IG account.

NM :: Where did your love for organizing begin?
TL :: The moment I got my own room as a kid I became obsessed with arranging & rearranging my things, the beginning of my OCD for creating optimal and thoughtfully designed spaces.

Terapan Lilittham, San Francisco Organizer, NEAT Method

NM :: What is your favorite space to organize? 
TL :: The bedroom room! Consulting with clients on cool duvet covers and the contents of their nightstand is an added plus to these jobs.

NM :: What is your least favorite space?
TL :: Haven't found a space yet I don't love getting my hands on.

NM :: Do you have a favorite organizing hack or product?
TL :: Ikea Kallax Shelf Unit in 2×8 & 1×4. Super affordable & exceptionally versatile for any room. But ALSO acrylic trays are everything for me right now!

Terapan Lilittham, San Francisco Organizer, NEAT Method, Closet, Ikea Kallax Shelf Unit

NM :: What is the most organized space in your own home?
TL :: My closet. The simple pleasure of sliding it open and seeing all my clothes put away and perfectly displayed is one I could not live without.

NM :: What area in your home can you just not get it together?
TL :: My dining room table. It's doubling as an eat station & office desk. Currently researching better ways to create the distinction between the two to easily organize my paperwork for mealtimes.

NM :: What is it like working for NEAT?
TL :: The most amazing adventure each day with every project and client I meet. It has been a true treat 😀

Terapan Lilittham, San Francisco Organizer, NEAT Method, Closet

NM :: How do you feel about being our first male organizer?!
TL :: I didn't realize until recently that I am kind-of a minority/unicorn at NEAT & in the organizing industry. Can't wait to show the world my unique sense for spacial planning & personal aesthetic as I grow into a stronger organizer.

Well Terapan we sure are glad you found us and were willing to take a leap of faith to transform this female focused industry. We are lucky to have you!

the Neat TEAM!!!

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