Walk-In Pantry Transformation in Omaha

Friday, March 29, 2024

 Organizer Spotlight: Allison Helligso

Allison Helligso and the NEAT Method Omaha team recently took on a pantry makeover for a bustling household with seven family members, including busy medical professionals and kids ranging from toddlers to teens. The main goal was to turn their pantry into a user-friendly space where quick access and easy decision-making could streamline their daily routines.

Strategizing for a Busy Family

The team’s first step was to completely empty the pantry, in order to categorize and plan the space efficiently. Because the family likes to shop in bulk, creating a dedicated backstock area was a priority. This provided quick access to the most frequently used items on those "prime real estate" shelves, with overflow stored out of the way. 

Tackling Various Needs

One challenge the team faced was how to store such a wide range of different snack categories. They focused on crafting a system simple enough for all family members to use while maximizing the available space with effective storage solutions.

Creating a Customized Space

To address the broad spectrum of snack needs, the pantry was divided into targeted zones. A special ‘grab and go’ section with open front bins was set up at a lower level for younger children, making it easy for them to reach their favorite snacks. Snack storage for older family members was placed higher up, using Canisters and Grid Baskets to separate items by type. Additionally, moving medicine, cleaning supplies, and appliances to a distinct area away from food items significantly improved the pantry’s flow.

A Bright and Organized Pantry

The client’s favorite aspect of the revamped pantry was the overall openness and brightness of the space. By choosing storage products in a bone color and minimizing packaging, the pantry took on a light, airy feel that made finding and choosing items quick and easy. This visual and functional overhaul not only enhanced the pantry's appearance but also its usability for the entire family.

The Key to Streamlined Storage

The most impactful product in this transformation was the thoughtful use of open front bins and Grid Baskets, which facilitated easy access and visual clarity. This organizational strategy allowed the family to maintain a neat, functional pantry that catered to their diverse and dynamic needs.

Meeting the Family’s Unique Needs

This pantry project in Omaha highlights the impact of personalized organization solutions. By considering the family's lifestyle, shopping habits, and the individual needs of each member, Allison and her team delivered a pantry makeover that simplified life in a busy household, proving that with the right approach, even the most hectic spaces can become havens of order and efficiency.


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