Primary Bathroom Organization in Downtown Chicago

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Organizer Spotlight: Katie Monge

In the neighborhood of Wicker Park, Chicago, Katie Monge and the NEAT Method Chicago - Downtown team took on a primary bathroom project. The clients had recently relocated from San Francisco and needed help unpacking and optimizing a bathroom with deep drawers and no cabinets. 

Strategic Planning for Daily Needs

The main goal was to determine the couple's most frequently used items and ensure they were both visible and easy to access. This involved thoughtful placement and the use of effective organizing products to maximize space in the unusually shaped drawers.

Simplifying Beauty Product Storage

The project was pretty straightforward for the most part, but managing the extensive collection of makeup and beauty products was a bit of a challenge. Katie took the time to connect with the client and distinguish between daily necessities and less frequently used items, in order to prioritize placement and reduce clutter.

Custom Solutions for Unique Drawers

The solution that stood out was the use of individual drawer inserts. These inserts were especially effective in the bathroom’s s-shaped drawers, which quickly became disorganized without the use of additional boundaries. The durable easy-wipe material also simplifies clean-up in a high traffic space like the bathroom. 

A Tailored Approach for Busy Professionals

As busy professionals, this couple really valued efficiency and simplicity. They knew they needed a systematic approach to their new home but lacked the time and expertise to implement it effectively. Katie’s solution allowed them to enjoy a well-organized space that complemented their busy lives.

By focusing on practical solutions and clear communication, Katie Monge and her team successfully transformed the primary bathroom into a NEAT and functional space, proving that even the most challenging project can be mastered with the right approach.


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