Streamlining a Corporate Office in Dallas-Frisco: The Art of Organized Efficiency

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Organizer Spotlight: Lyndsey Morgan

In the city of Dallas, Texas, Lyndsey and the NEAT Method Dallas-Frisco team took on an ambitious project - transforming a sprawling corporate office into a model of organized efficiency. This brand-new office, set to house over 300 employees across its three floors, presented a unique challenge with its wide, deep cabinets that risked obscuring contents and reducing accessibility.

The Challenge: Maximizing Deep Cabinet Space

The primary obstacle was making the most of the office's cavernous cabinet spaces, ensuring that everything was visible and within easy reach. The risk of small items getting lost in these vast cabinets was significant, demanding a thoughtful and practical organizing solution.

Strategic Solution: The Power of Baskets and Bins

To conquer the depths of the cabinets, the team relied on a simple yet effective tool: baskets. Over 120 bins and baskets were strategically used throughout the office, guaranteeing that every item, no matter how small, was easily accessible and simple to maintain. This approach was vital in preventing the loss of items and ensuring the smooth functioning of a busy corporate environment.

High-Traffic Kitchens: Organizing for the Masses

A major challenge was the office's kitchens, bustling hubs destined to serve a large number of employees. Creating a system that could be easily maintained by such a vast and varied workforce required ingenious space planning and categorization.

Innovative Categorization: Simplifying Choice

The solution lay in meticulous categorization. Snack areas were broken down into detailed categories like meal time, flavor, and sweet vs. salty. This clear division allowed employees to quickly find what they needed and made inventory and replenishment tasks more manageable.

Client’s Favorite: Acacia Drawer Dividers

A seemingly simple addition, the Acacia Drawer Dividers, brought immense satisfaction. These dividers created distinct sections for different snack categories in the kitchen drawers, making selection effortless and contributing to the overall sense of order.

Most Impactful Product: Grid Baskets on Snack Walls

The Grid Baskets on the snack walls were a game changer. Like the drawer dividers, they helped maintain distinct categories, making snacks easily accessible and visibly organized. This feature was crucial in managing the space effectively and keeping everything within easy reach.

A Tailored Organizational Triumph

In just 16 hours, Lyndsey and her team achieved a transformation that addressed the unique needs of a large-scale corporate environment. This Dallas office project is a testament to the power of strategic planning, efficient use of organizing products, and the ability to create a system that can be maintained by a diverse and busy workforce.

The result is a corporate space in Dallas that stands as a model of organization, proving that even the most challenging environments can be tamed with the right approach and tools.


Grid Basket

Perforated Acacia Basket

Reeded Rattan Bin

Acacia Drawer Divider 


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