Streamlining a Stylish Pantry in Atlanta's Buckhead

Monday, March 25, 2024

Organizer Spotlight: Devon Bullock and Sarah Edelman 

In Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood, the NEAT Method Atlanta team took on a project for some familiar faces. Working with repeat clients Audrey and Eric Tomosunas, alongside talented photographer, Ally Aguilar, the team faced the challenge of transforming a smaller high-rise condo pantry into a functional and stylish space. The team had helped the Tomosunas family move before, but this particular transition required a creative rethink of their organizational strategy.

The Challenge: A Smaller Space with Big Ideas

The Tomosunas family was downsizing from a large home to a high-rise condo, and saying goodbye to a spacious pantry. The client had a good amount of organizational products from previous moves and wanted to reuse them in their new, more compact pantry. The goal was to maintain the same level of cohesion and eye-catching design they loved, despite having less room to work with.

A Tailored Solution

Leveraging the existing products, the team devised a plan to adapt them to the new pantry's layout. By introducing three new baskets to complete the aesthetic and updating the labels, they crafted a system that felt both fresh and familiar. The design focused on maximizing space while ensuring that everything from snacks to dinner ingredients had a designated home.

Overcoming Size Restrictions

Adjusting to the smaller pantry meant making smart and intentional choices about what to keep stocked. The team worked closely with the client to prioritize their everyday-use categories, reducing the quantity of items like snack bins and turntables for condiments. This downsizing strategy ensured the pantry remained stocked without feeling too cramped. To make the most of every inch, they also utilized counter space under the shelves for beautiful canisters and reserved the upper shelves for backstock storage, rather than decor.

The Highlight: A Snack Lover's Dream

The client's favorite part of the new pantry? The candy and snack bar. This zone allows the family to quickly access their favorite treats, combining functionality with the ease of a personal grab-and-go station. But, canisters were the real MVP of the transformation. From nuts and candies to rice and baking ingredients, they provided a visually elevated solution that kept snacks and essentials within reach.

Unique Aspects of the Project

What set this project apart was the client's frequent moves and desire for a magazine-ready look in every home, regardless of size. The NEAT Method Atlanta team's ability to think creatively and the client's willingness to adapt made this project a success. By being open to letting go of unnecessary items and adjusting shopping habits, the Tomosunas family achieved their goal of a decluttered, organized, and stylish pantry that perfectly fits their current lifestyle in Buckhead, Atlanta.


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