Transforming a Kansas City Scullery

Friday, March 29, 2024

Organizer Spotlight: Celsie Sneden

In northwest Missouri, Celsie Sneden and the NEAT Method Kansas City team took on a project for a client moving back into their renovated home with the unique addition of a scullery pantry. Working together with interior designer Keith Wardlaw, the goal was to blend the home's stunning design with functional organization tailored to the client's daily use.

Vision and Functionality Merge

The first step was understanding how best to utilize the newly introduced scullery. After thoughtful planning, it was decided that the space would serve three purposes: food pantry storage, outdoor utensil storage, and a coffee bar. This maximized the utility of the scullery while maintaining the overall visual.

Overcoming a Setback in the Scullery

On the day of the project, the team realized pretty quickly, that the scullery shelving  hadn't been fully installed yet. With the client away, they made the quick decision to provide a temporary solution. This "faux pantry" blended with the room's design and allowed the space to function until the scullery was finished. Once the client returned and pantry shelving was finally installed, the team quickly transitioned everything to its permanent home.

Client's Custom System Love

The client had previously ordered NEAT Method products, so we had no doubt she would be a fan. But, seeing them blend seamlessly with the space's new design, made her fall in love even more! In addition to enhancing the functionality of the space they also added to its overall charm.

A Tailored Kansas City Project

This kitchen project showcases Celsie and her team's ability to adapt to unexpected challenges. By closely collaborating with both the client and the interior designer, they ensured that the renovated home was both beautifully organized and perfectly aligned with the homeowner's vision and daily needs.


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