Upgraded Vancouver Closet: A Professional Organizer's Personal Journey

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Organizer Spotlight: Sarah Gerber

As experts in the field of home organization, we're constantly sourcing and implementing perfect solutions for our clients. So when it comes time to give our own spaces a refresh, we have a bit of an upper hand. Sarah Gerber, owner of NEAT Method Vancouver, recently tackled a project close to her heart – her own primary closet. In this article, we'll dive into Sarah's story, the challenges she faced, and the standout products that made her project a success.

A Personal Project with a Pro's Touch

Sarah is a seasoned pro at keeping spaces neat and tidy but she decided to put her expertise to the test by giving her own primary closet a complete makeover. Her objective was clear: to create a closet that not only met her practical needs but also looked stylish.

Handling Challenges with Storx Closet Systems

One of the initial obstacles Sarah faced was the somewhat unusual layout of her walk-in closet. To tackle this, she sought the help of the Storx team, specialists in crafting tailored closet solutions. In collaboration with their experts, a cutting-edge 3D design was developed to help visualize how her closet could be optimized and how NEAT Method products could be seamlessly incorporated. 

Rattan Baskets and a Personal Touch

Sarah's closet makeover brought some wonderful surprises, namely the addition of NEAT Method Rattan Baskets. The way the soft, natural light from the window plays off their warm tone, give the closet a cozy feel. These baskets do more than just look good; they also help keep things organized.

Also, thanks to the smart design of the space, Sarah was able to add her own style by adding a plant and jewelry tray. These little touches not only make the space feel welcoming; but also show off her personal taste.

Top Product: Everyday Hangers

One product that stood out during Sarah's closet makeover was the Everyday Hanger. Sarah had secretly been coveting these hangers while upgrading her clients' closets, and when she was finally able to make the switch herself, the experience was worth the anticipation. Because they accommodate all types of clothing, never shed fibers and take up very little space, Sarah has always recommended them, but now she can do so based on firsthand experience. 

Smooth Sailing with Storx Closet Systems

Sarah's project not only demonstrates her organizational skills but also highlights the professionalism and quality offered by Storx Closet Systems. From the initial design phase to the swift and proficient installation, the experience was seamless. Storx even went the extra mile by providing their own vacuum for a clean post-installation space. The result is a closet that not only feels luxurious but is also robust and dependable, capable of withstanding the test of time.

Sarah Gerber's personal project in Vancouver reminds us that even the most challenging spaces can be transformed with the right expertise and products. If you're in Vancouver and searching for a "home organizer near me," consider reaching out to Sarah Gerber and the Storx team to elevate your living spaces. Your dream closet might be closer than you think!


Rattan Basket

Everyday Hangers

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