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Thursday, July 18, 2019

We are THRILLED to announce that NEAT Method is officially international! This week we launch four new markets in Canada and we cannot wait for you to meet the new women joining the NEAT family. We’d love for you to meet Sarah Gerber of NEAT Vancouver. Let’s see what makes her a perfect fit for this job.

NM :: Welcome Sarah! We couldn’t be happier you’re launching NEAT Vancouver. What inspired you to run NEAT in your city?

SG :: Living in the heart of downtown I’m surrounded by people living in small spaces. I think that NEAT Method is going to help streamline and make every square foot of my clients’ homes more efficient and effective. I want to make each space and feel lighter and brighter so those dwelling in it can focus on living their lives in this amazing city.

NM :: You’re definitely going to be showing clients how to live #theNEATlife! What did you do before NEAT?

SG :: I have a background in Marketing and Graphic Design, but my last job was working as the Director of Operations for a beautiful home furnishings and decor store downtown.

NM :: Interesting! So this isn’t such a departure at all. 🙂 What makes Vancouver so special to you?

SG :: Vancouver is such a beautiful “livable city.” The bustling downtown core is surrounded by breathtaking mountains and the stunning ocean. There is so much culture everywhere you go – you can eat your way around the world. Whether you like shopping, skiing or sailing or a bit of everything, you can do it all in a weekend in Vancouver.

NM :: Speaking of shopping… what are your favorite spots in your city?

SG :: The Cross Decor & Design is always a huge inspiration for filling your life with beautiful things. I’m obsessed with the calming vibes of everything from Muji and can’t help but dream about creating new spaces wandering through Ikea, plus they have the best ice cream cones for $1! If I have more time to explore, anywhere on Granville Island. You can find amazing shops and the many different craft fairs hosted around the city are always great for finding unique gifts and local treasures.

NM :: What abour your favorite local food stops?

SG :: There are so many amazing places in Vancouver to get great food. Nuba and Nook are always great go­-to’s for amazing flavors. In the summer I love hitting Terra Breads along the seawall and getting a sandwich to go and finding a new little park or bench to sit and watch the ocean. The Birds and the Beets is a fun little gem in Gastown. Coffee shops like Honolulu Cafe, Small Victory and Musette are in frequent rotation!

NM :: Now that you’re officially a NEAT Girl, we’d LOVE to see one of the most organized spaces in your home!

SG :: I try and keep my pantry tidy so I always know what we have and to make mealtimes more streamlined. I’m not a huge fan of the wire shelving but I’ve made a system work in my small closet space.

NM :: What about a space that could use a little NEAT love?

SG :: My cutlery drawer! I’m so embarrassed because it’s one of my most used drawers. It’s been neglected since we moved into our apartment and is a general dumping spot for things that don’t have a home. It’s been on my to­-do list for too long!

NM :: What do you think is going to be your favorite part of running NEAT in your city?

SG :: Meeting clients from all different walks of life and being invited into their home! I think that being let into someone’s house is like being invited into their life and I don’t take that invitation lightly. I love getting to know my clients and their unique needs and finding the perfect solutions to make their space the best it can be.

NM :: What can people expect when they hire you to organize their home?

SG :: I’m a very practical, get down to business kinda girl. I’ll ask the right questions to make sure we get the best results for each space. Each client and situation is unique and I want to make sure that the experience is stress­free and rewarding for everyone involved.

NM :: Anything else you think we need to know?

SG :: I love a good themed party! If there is a costume to be made, even better! Any chance to set a tablescape or put up decorations gets me excited. Can’t wait to start planning my daughter’s birthday parties 🙂

Sarah, you are going to fit right in! 🙂

Welcome! We are so excited you’re launching NEAT Vancouver.

The NEAT Girls

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