Tuesday 11.15.16

4 Quick Ways to Update Your Craft Space This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for holiday hostess gifts, family presents and greeting cards. No matter how big or small your space is, there is always a place in the home that holds crafting items such as gift wrap, cards, ribbon, scissors, and tape. During the holidays, that space is used more than any other time! We wanted to share 4 fast ways you can update your space to make it more functional this season.
Tip #1:: Categorize :: It seems like a simple suggestion but make sure you have like items together. Dedicating space for each category allows you to find what you are looking for with ease. 

Tip #2:: Eliminate :: We often hold onto every pen and paper pad we have ever received. Take just one minute to recycle/trash anything that doesn’t inspire you. Test your pens and markers out and keep only the best. Trust us, you will never pick a dried out pen to write your holiday cards!

Tip #3:: Contain :: When it comes to craft spaces we love anything and everything that is clear! Craft items are typically colorful which looks fun and inspiring in anything that you can see through. It also helps you recall what you already have in your space.

Tip #4:: Keep it Together :: No matter how large or small your space is, make sure your craft items don’t creep into other areas of your home. Trust us, if all the craft items are stored together, you are sure to create the most beautiful gift this holiday season.

Happy Crafting!
the NEAT girls
Thursday 02.14.13

NEAT Method's Celebrity Crushes

What better day than today, to shamelessly admit who we are crushing on these days. If you thought you knew the NEAT girls...think again! We would love to see what happens if we put this eclectic group in a room together. This year, we decided instead of telling you about someone completely predictable that we adore, we really went outside of the box and came up with our 2013 Valentines (with a NEAT twist of course!) First up...Molly!

Molly Graves, NEAT Method, Today Show, Matt Lauer, Valentines Day, Crushes

Molly:: Matt Lauer, will you be my Valentine?

NM:: It's official we are totally weirded out. What about Matt Lauer makes your heart skip a beat?

Molly:: I am a huge fan of the, Today Show and Matt is always getting a hard time for being a bit of a germaphobe. I love it! Matt, we are both married, but will you be my Valentine? I promise to keep my germs at least one foot away at all times! I'll let Ash take it from here...

Ashley Murphy, NEAT Method, Bethany Frankel, Valentines Day, Crushes, Skinny Girl

NM:: Why are we not surprised you chose Bethenny Frankel?

Ashley:: Why?!

NM:: Well besides the fact that she is a bad@** business woman, it is clear that you must love her skinny girl products considering how good you look 3 ½ months post-baby!

Ashley:: Honestly, I thought she might need a Valentine to cheer her up this year, but I did think of her because she is awesome! Heather, who did you pick?

Heather Byrne, Harvey Specter, Valentines Day, Crushes, Suits, Heather Gilligan

Heather:: Harvey Specter AKA Gabriel Macht - guilty as charged!! (See what I did there??)

NM:: We do! What a handsome man to be your Valentine!

Heather:: He’s not just handsome, he gets things done! I am a major fan of the show “Suits” on USA, and I love his "always one step ahead" attitude. He's smooth, sharp, and never loses – talk about a heartbreaker! Marissa, who are you crushin' on? Did we save the best for last?

Marissa Hagmeyer, Miami, Kim Kardashian, Florida, Valentines Day, Crush

Marissa:: You sure did! This new beach babe would love for the one and only Kim K to be her Valentine!

NM:: We would have never seen that one coming!

Marissa:: Well after she shared her closet this week...and that girl has GOT to know how to pack super efficiently given how much she travels. I plan on doing some serious traveling to and from Chicago and Florida so hopefully, if she is my Valentine, and I learn her tricks!

Valentines Day, Candy Hearts, Victorias Secret, Pink, Love, Crushes, NEAT Method

NM:: We hope you got a kick out of Valentines this year - who is your shameless Valentine?


the NEAT girls

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Tuesday 12.25.12

Tip Tuesday :: Merry Merry Christmas!

Merry Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

We know you are most likely busy opening presents and eating all kinds of delicious holiday baked goods… but we thought we’d take a quick minute to share some tips on how to make your holiday perfect!

By adding these holiday suggestions to your day, you will truly have a quintessential Christmas!

Christmas dogs, dogs, christmas, dogs in car, christmas wreath, golden retrievers, retriever puppies, golden retriever puppies

Sip a cup of Christmas Cheer with our favorite tea (and by favorite, we mean slightly obsessed) :: Tazo Sweet Cinnamon Spice!

Tazo tea, cinnamon spice tea, tea, green teacup, vintage teacup

And it isn’t Christmas until you have Holiday music! Our absolute favorite station on Pandora is “She & Him Holiday”! Trust us and check it out...

She & Him Christmas, zooey, zooey deschanel, christmas music, christmas cd, christmas party, christmas party ideas

Who doesn’t love baking Christmas cookies?! A great way to spend some QT with the family is crowded around the kitchen whipping up a batch of these amazing looking treats!

christmas cookies blossoms, blossom cookies, cookie recipe, red and green cookies, hershey kiss cookies, hershey kisses, chocolate, cookie recipe, christmas party ideas, christmas decorations, red and green sprinkles

Tis the season for giving! Be sure to show your appreciation by sending out thank you notes for all your presents! Start the 2013 year off with an organized bang!

Christmas goldens, golden retrievers, retriever puppies, golden retriever puppies, christmas dogs, christmas puppies, dog with lights, dog with christmas lights, dog in christmas decorations, christmas decorations, christmas party ideas, christmas costume, dog costume, dog costume idea

Regardless of how you spend your holiday today, we hope you are surrounded by friends, family & maybe even a little snow!


the NEAT girls

Tuesday 12.04.12

Tip Tuesday :: All I Want for Christmas...

Remember that time your great Aunt got you that really bad trinket that you still have in your house? You are probably keeping it because you feel bad getting rid of it. Although you might think the NEAT girls are totally heartless and lack any acknowledgement for sentimental value, would you think we were horrible if we told you to get rid of it? 

Trinket, ugly trinket

Here is the cold, hard truth: Your great Aunt did not give you something to have it collect dust and if you don't like it - she would not want you to keep it either! Since the holidays are right around the corner we thought we would give you a few tips on how to get only the things you want or need this year and eliminate the chance of getting another dust collector. 

Tip #1 - Get an online wishlist

online wish list, shopping online

If you love clothes as much as we do, consider an e-commerce wishlist. The NEAT girls love a little Shopbop in our lives and their wishlist program is simple and easy to sign up. They even send you an email when your items go on sale - *BONUS*!! For the men, no one keeps it classier than Mr. Porter. If you do not know where to begin, check out the, "Style Help Video Manuals." If that doesn't get you thinking about great gifts we don't know what will!

Tip #2 - Go non-traditional and REGISTER

gift registration,, online order

Who says registries are only for new moms and newlyweds!? If you have an eclectic list, consider creating a holiday registry at If you have always loved finding your gifts as a child, you can keep the tradition going by checking what people have purchased and practice your excited face in the mirror for when you open it!

Tip #3 - Subtract before you add 

organized shelves, baskets, matching baskets

You didn't think we would get through a post without reminding you to get rid of some things did you? Nothing feels better after the holidays than being able to put new items from your wishlist away. Often we have excess items which means our new items get shoved wherever they fit instead of where they belong. This holiday season take a shopping bag, fill it with items you not longer use and give them to someone in need. Trust us giving away makes getting new things that much better!


the NEAT girls

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Wednesday 11.30.11

4 Gifts Guaranteed to be at the Top of Everyone's List

'Tis the season for holiday parties galore!  For an organized person, going to a party empty handed is bad, but giving something that the host will not use is worse!  We often arrive at client's homes that are full of hosting gifts from parties that are truly going to waste.  Giving gifts can be tough for sure, but NEAT's suggestions below are sure bets to give your favorite host.  

Modern stationary, organized, Monogram, NEAT Method

You cannot go wrong with simple stationary.  This time of year, people write tons of thank you notes and when the cards are this adorable, your hostess will be sure to use them up!

Veuve Clicquot Champagne, pink champagne, NEAT Method, good gifts

Wine is great... but bubbles.... now that's special!  Give your host a reason to break out the bubbly at their next special occasion and with packaging like this, tie a bow on it and you are done!

Fraser Fir, Thyme products, Christmas scents, holiday

Between cleaning for the party and the dry weather that winter brings, your host is sure to love a treat for their hands.  This set is perfect to put by the kitchen sink and the smells of frasier fir will undoubtedly get them in the holiday spirit!

Frango Mints, Chocolate, gifts, NEAT Method

You couldn't possibly think that two Chicago girls could give suggestions for gifts without doing a shameless plug for Chicago did you!?  We're sorry but even if your host does not have a sweet tooth, they are bound to eat these up in a day.  Seriously, Melt.In.Your.Mouth Delish!

What are your favorite gifts to give?



Molly & Ashley

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