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Friday, November 7, 2014

Well, it’s official…NEAT is definitely starting to take over the World!

Yep! That’s right! We’ve found yet another great woman to run NEAT in her city. Please read a little further to find out all about our NEAT new city and our NEAT new girl…

Yes….get excited O-H-I-O because we are heading your way! NEAT Columbus is officially open for business! Now who is the adorable girl behind the location? Let’s find out!!

NM :: Hello dear Julia!! Our NEAT followers are dying to know more about you! So let’s start with the basic hard facts…

JP :: Ha! I love this! This is going to be fun!

So my full name is Julia Nicole Purdy. I’ve never gone by Julie, because most friends call me JP, JJ, or Jules. My longtime friends, and father-in-law (ha!) call me Blakeman, which is my maiden name.

I’ve been a Buckeye since birth. (For those of you that are not Midwestern, Buckeye = Ohio). I grew up about 45 minutes southeast of Columbus in Lancaster, Ohio which is actually where I met Ashley — we went to middle school together! I graduated college from Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH with a BA in Finance & Economics (I know, boring, right?). I was a Delta Gamma (like Molly), which also has its headquarters in Columbus! Kind of ironic.

NM :: What made you officially settle in the CBus?

JP :: I always had plans of living in, what others may call “cooler” places after college; but when I married my high school sweetheart, who works for a family business…I knew Columbus was my home for good. The best part is, I absolutely LOVE it! Columbus is a thriving city with big city amenities – a great art scene, fabulous restaurants, and of course the third largest university in the country. It also maintains a small town vibe. Easy to get around, great for families and the people are beyond friendly! 🙂

NM :: Clearly you have deep roots with Columbus…so you must know all the best resturants, shops, etc! Please share with our readers!

JP :: In the summer you can find me with my dogs at the Scioto Audubon Dog Park, playing tennis at Schiller Park, or on the patio at Lindey’s. For a sweet treat, I can never pass up a macaron from Pisacia Vera or a trio from Jeni’s. Both are within walking distance from my house, so it’s very dangerous! 🙂 I love antiquing and mixing old with new, so my 2 favorite places to shop are The Grandview Mercantile and Columbus Architectural Salvage. I love supporting locally owned businesses as much as I can! I enjoy small boutiques like Rowe or Thread and for gifs my go-to’s are Sobo Style or a relatively new shop called Cosecha. And last, but certainly not least, we spend a lot of time at The North Market!

NM :: So, it’s obviously no secret you are INSANELY organized, but what happens to be your most OCD tendency? This is our favorite question to ask.

JP :: Being the oldest of 9 in a blended family, I am as type-A as they come! So I tend to have numerous OCD tendencies. But the one that drives my husband crazy the most, would be the fact that I constantly follow him around the house closing doors that he leaves open (like closet doors or the spare bedroom) and I am a stickler about the house being spotless before we leave for vacation…which means, we are usually up way too late before an early AM flight!

NM :: And what’s something that tends to be at the bottom of the “organized” list in your life?

JP :: Paper is my nemesis! I can’t stand paper and it’s a constant uphill battle to keep the piles in check. We’ve tried to go paperless as much as possible!

NM :: Now onto the most important question of the interview process…who. is. your. current. celebrity. crush??

JP :: I am drawn to two very distinct types: classically handsome (think Jon Hamm a la Don Draper) and edgy, eclectic, uber-talented, hipsters (that’s a type right??) ie Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa (husband to hot blonde dragon lady – Daenerys Targaryen – of Games of Thrones). I also find Robert Downey Jr. extremely intriguing. So clearly my crushes change often 😉

NM :: Obviously we are excited about NEAT Columbus, but what makes you the most excited??

JP :: I think Columbus is perfect for NEAT. Being the home base of many Fortune 500 companies, Columbus is full of busy executives that could benefit from NEAT’s time-saving organization services. I also LOVE the entrepreneurial spirit in this city, especially the robust supportive network of female business owners.

NM :: Anything else you woud like to tell our C-BUS followers in particular?

JP :: As a registered yoga instructor, I spend a lot of time focusing on the mind-body connection. I am a firm believer that is impossible to have a clutter-free mind without a clutter-free environment. I hope to use NEAT’s organizational tools to help people not only achieve a greatly organized outer environment, but also a quieter, more peaceful inner one as well.

We could NOT be more thrilled to have our 10th city in the NEAT lineup. And can’t think of a better person to be running it than Julia! We know everyone in Columbus will love her just as much as we do! She’s friendly, thoughtful, charismatic and eager to help people live The NEAT Life! Watch out Ohio, you have no idea what is about to hit you…we mean, your closet! 😉


the NEAT girls

PS — Does being your own boss and helping people live a more organized life sound like your dream job? Think you’ve got what it takes to run NEAT in your city? We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to email us at — info(at)neatmethod(dot)com.

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