Crafting a Chef's Dream Kitchen in Nashville

Monday, February 26, 2024

Organizer Spotlight: Holly Trepka

In the heart of Tennessee, Holly Trepka and the NEAT Method Nashville team took on a project that was a bit of a challenge. The task? To seamlessly consolidate multiple homes into one newly built residence, while crafting a gourmet kitchen layout to meet the needs of a client who was also a trained chef. This project focused on finding space for an impressive collection of cookware and gadgets with the ultimate goal of a kitchen that was just as functional as it was beautiful.

Holly and her team created a thoughtful space plan that involved utilizing a storage room downstairs for lesser-used cookware, china, and baking essentials. This allowed the main kitchen to be dedicated to daily use items, efficiently organized in 'zones'. The smaller secondary kitchen (aka the scullery) became a designated area for baking and small appliances, while prime real estate drawers were reserved for everyday essentials such as plates, drink ware, cutlery, and cookware.

The main kitchen area's design lacked usable upper cabinets, which was initially a major challenge. But, with creativity and the right tools—specifically, Acacia Drawer Dividers—the team managed to securely organize glassware in deep drawers, ensuring nothing would shift and every item had a home.

The client's favorite feature? The accessibility of her most-used items. For a trained chef, the ease of reaching for her favorite tools and ingredients can make or break the cooking experience. The thoughtful organization of the kitchen ensured that any meal, no matter how complex, could be prepared efficiently. 

Another game changer in the space was the custom kitchen drawers, featuring two built-in levels. The genius design eliminated wasted space in deep drawers, while the shallow upper drawers were outfitted with expandable acacia drawer dividers, blending function perfectly with aesthetics.

This project was somewhat unique - in scope and execution. The client was moving to Nashville from another city, and the organization process began remotely, before she had even arrived in town. Working in collaboration with a local business responsible for packing and unpacking, the NEAT Method Nashville team was able to focus solely on organization and product implementation. The result was a beautifully organized home, ready and waiting to welcome its owner to her new life in Nashville. 


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