Entertaining Made Effortless: A Charleston Kitchen Reimagined

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Organizer Spotlight: Jackie Bender

When it comes to creating streamlined spaces for elevated living and entertaining, Jackie Bender and the NEAT Method Charleston team are masters of their craft. Their latest project involved transforming the kitchen, pantry and bar areas for a Mount Pleasant client who loves to host.

The client's all-drawer kitchen layout, while functional, was also the cause of her biggest pain point: bulky small appliances that didn't fit and cluttered the counters. "Most of her appliances had to live on the kitchen countertops since they were too large for the drawers," Bender explains. "Her cutting boards and bakeware were also piled haphazardly in deep drawers."

To maximize the upscale interior design by Emily Stallings, the team got strategic. They relocated the daily-use coffee maker and toaster to the pantry, creating a "morning zone" with nearby coffee pods, mugs and breakfast foods. The air fryer and stand mixer found a new home in the pantry's deeper cabinets.

Another challenge they faced: "Our client loves entertaining, so she stocks a huge variety of snacks, sweets and drinks," says Bender. "The designated pantry was overflowing with no real system."

Their solution involved designating specific zones for each category. Decanting snacks and sweets into clear canisters within pantry drawers, allowed guests to easily curb their sweet-tooth. Breakfast foods were corralled near the coffee station and dinner prep items stayed in the primary pantry cabinet.

"Our client was speechless when she saw the snack drawers," Bender raves. "She loved that the airtight canisters would keep snacks fresher longer. And being able to easily see her full selection saved time restocking."

NEAT products were a major game-changer throughout the project. In particular, the Acacia Riser maximized vertical space in the pantry, providing full visibility of the client's canned goods. "It complemented the cabinetry beautifully while ensuring zero wasted space!" notes Bender.

For this always entertaining Charleston client, Jackie and her team created thoughtfully zoned and sophisticated systems. The newly NEAT spaces now make hosting family and friends an elevated and stress-free experience.


Acacia Drawer Insert

Perforated Acacia Basket

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Acacia Riser


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