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Monday, September 26, 2022

We love showing finalized NEAT spaces on our Instagram feed, but what we love even more is telling the stories of how our clients are living more efficiently in their newly organized homes. 

Take a look at this kitchen and pantry organization to see what makes it so NEAT!

City : Vancouver, British Columbia

Professional Organizers Sarah Gerber and Jen Rowe

Client Natalie Langston

Photography : Janis Nicolay

Room : Kitchen and Pantry

Hours to complete : 12 hours with 2 organizers

Objective : Natalie and her husband's life has changed a lot over the last few years as they have two kids under 3. With the addition of kids' plates, sippy cups, etc., not to mention balancing parenthood and work, finding the time to take on the project herself has been challenging. The introduction of a new pantry system was an opportunity to not only make it function really well for their family, but also to get the entire kitchen flowing better for them as well.

Challenges faced : As mom and influencer, Natalie had many products that she had tried and tested for her family. Some of them were no longer in use or didn't work into their daily routine. So sorting, editing and evaluating what was truly needed day to day freed up space for a new system.

She also loves to entertain and often is shooting content in her space. Getting the decor and props into a streamlined area that was accessible, but didn't need to be in the direct flow of traffic was a great solution for her.

As a busy family and not having the right organizational systems in place yet, there were many items that had expired or been forgotten, or that Natalie realized they just weren't using and didn't need. This meant some serious editing on our part with Natalie's approval. Thankfully, she was ready and willing, and it actually felt very freeing to her to part ways with items that weren't serving a purpose.

Client’s favorite feature : For Natalie, it really was the sum of all the parts. "By effectively organizing all of these spaces - the cupboards, drawers, everything - it gave me years back to my life. I’m half joking but really, now, just by looking at my pantry and taking a quick picture, I can run to the store and know exactly what I’m out of at first glance. I’m saving time and sanity!"

Stand out products : In the kitchen, Acacia Drawer Dividers made all the difference. This kitchen was craving dedicated space and the dividers really helped to achieve that. The best part is, they can grow with the family because they're adjustable and easily moved as their kitchen habits and items change over time.




Grid Basket

Pantry Label Set

Spice Jar Set

Acacia Drawer Dividers



The NEAT Team

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