A Nursery fit for a queen!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

While we talk about how to organize a nursery quite frequently, we realized that in previous posts we missed a very important step in the nursery planning process. We can talk all day long about where to place each little onesie and how to make sure the essentials are within arms reach, but when it comes to selecting the best nursery furniture we like to leave that up to the experts. Therefore, we were thrilled when AFK Furniture asked if they could share a few tips with us about selecting the most organizing friendly furniture. Here's what they had to say…

NM :: We are excited to hear your tips so lets dive right in. What are the top 3 things to consider when buying nursery furniture?

AFK :: We always recommend you look for mulitfunctional pieces that transition well as the child grows. We also say that no nursery is complete with out some open shelving for books and we love to recommend adding a beautiful crib skirt if you need to use under the crib for additional storage.

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NM :: That all makes perfect sense to us! Those pieces are each so pretty on their own we are dying to see pictures of a whole room set up with AFK Furniture. 

AFK :: Well we happen to have a few of those :). Here is Mariah Carey's nursery – we think it turned out pretty adorable! 

afk furniture, nursery furniture, nursery design, Mariah Carey's Nursery

NM :: You can say that again! Since we happen to love watching design trends, are there any nursery color palettes that are really popular right now? 

AFK :: We are seeing gender neutrality become a huge trend. Additionally, we are seeing opulent grandeur become a trend for 2016, a nod to historical references, think classic periods. This glamorous shift calls for metallic notes in contemporary interiors. Lastly, a major color trend more consistent with the past few years, is white on white. This is a simple pairing, but exudes serenity in the nursery.

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NM :: Oh yes we have noticed that a lot of our Interior Designer partners are choosing more neutral themes and we love it! Is there anything else you think we should know?

AFK :: Our lead designer Gail Reiter Sedigh said it best, “Our goal is simple: We strive to create a room that is beautiful, functional, safe and unique for your child.” From concept to completion, we’ll stand by your side to make sure all aspects of the project meet our extremely high standards.

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Well it sounds like we share many of the same goals :). Thank you for your insight – we look forward to working with you to make a nursery NEAT very soon!

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