Revamping a Dual Closet Space in Los Angeles South Bay

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Organizer Spotlight: Nicole Longo

In southern California, our NEAT Method Los Angeles South Bay team, led by Nicole Longo, took on an ambitious project: reorganizing the primary closet of influencer Sara Foster. This intricate project, executed over 16 hours by a team of four, showcased our expertise in merging practicality with elegance.

Navigating the Challenges: Disorganization and Dim Lighting

Sara's closets presented a handful of challenges. Her primary closet was a jumble of items, making it tough to find essentials. Key issues included inaccessible turtlenecks, indistinctly folded denim, and shoes occupying valuable space. The secondary closet suffered from poor lighting, exacerbating its cramped feel.

Innovative Approach: Streamlining and Illuminating

Our approach was twofold. In the main closet, we rearranged Sara's frequently used items, such as turtlenecks and denim, ensuring they were within easy reach. In the darker secondary closet, our introduction of NEAT Method Everyday Hangers in white instantly brightened and decluttered the space.

Rethinking Denim Organization: Customizing for Sara

The real test came with Sara's extensive denim collection. Our standard color-coding system was inadequate for her unique needs, prompting a deeper dive into her preferences.

Our solution: a denim organization system focused on fit. This approach, with clearly labeled categories like bootcut and cargo, was a departure from our norm but perfectly suited Sara's requirements, balancing function and aesthetics.

Highlights for the Client: Denim Focus and Elegant Purse Display

What Sara loved most was how we reinvented her denim storage and purse display. The denim wall, custom-tailored to her usage, and the newly created boutique-style shelving for her purses, thanks to the space-efficient hangers, were game changers.

Impactful Change: The Role of Hangers

The NEAT Method Everyday Hangers in white were more than just space savers; they unified the look of the closets and allowed her clothing and accessories to be showcased effectively.

Distinctive Elements: Dual Closets and a Fashion Line

This project stood out due to its dual-closet focus and the need to integrate Sara's business wardrobe from her line, FAVORITE DAUGHTER, into her personal space efficiently.

Reflecting on Our Impact: Beyond Simple Organization

This undertaking in Los Angeles South Bay was more than an organizing task; it was a creative endeavor that melded our client's personal style with practical solutions. It's a vivid demonstration of our commitment to creating spaces that not only serve functional purposes but also resonate with our clients' lives.


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