Tip Tuesday :: You're Invited…to the Arm Party!

What girl doesn't love to have a good collection of baubles? Arm Party or Arm Candy…whichever you prefer to call it, the latest jewelry trend is "more, more, more!" – and we happen to love it!

But how are you ever able to decide what to accessorize with, if everything is either in a knotted pile on your dresser or buried tangled in a jewelry pouch? Well lucky for you, we are shairing our favorite tips and tricks to organize your jewels – making your getting-ready-routine just a little bit easier!

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We adore displaying our client's more beautiful necklaces in these acrylic trays from The Container Store! They look sleek displayed on top of a dresser or work perfectly in a dresser drawer!

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These acrylic organizers are perfect for smaller items, like delicate necklaces and earrings! We prefer these because they also have removeable inserts, making it easy to customize according to particular pieces! Added bonus: you can maximize your drawer space by stacking one on top of another! 

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Linen T-bar displays are a great way to showcase your beautiful bracelets on your dresser. Mimicking a department store display, you'll feel like you are shopping your arm candy collection!

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If you prefer to add a little extra touch to your jewelry organizational system, West Elm has the CUTEST bowls that are perfect for holding whatever you prefer! Use just one on your dresser to hold a few of your favorite regular pieces, or use a few to organize within a drawer! Either way, we love them all!

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We hope you enjoy our jewelry organizing tips! Let us know what works best for you in the comment section below! 🙂


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