Transforming a Wisconsin Kitchen & Pantry

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Organizer Spotlight: Liz Girsch

When Liz Girsch and her team at NEAT Method Wisconsin embarked on their latest project, they were faced with a unique challenge. Their new clients, a family of five, had recently relocated from the East Coast to the charming suburb of Mequon, near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Drawn in by the newly renovated kitchen and an impeccably designed pantry, they quickly realized that when it came to getting organized, the space was falling short. 

The Challenge: Adapting to a New Home's Potential

After settling into their new home, the family discovered that the kitchen and pantry layout did not align with their needs. Both spaces were clearly designed for a different lifestyle and rountine. Unlike the previous owners, they owned a large collection of formal dinnerware and holiday tabletop items that they wanted to store in what was previously a 'drop zone'.

Strategic Planning: Merging Past Design with Current Needs

Liz started off by scheduling a consultation to better understand the contents of the family’s kitchen and pantry. The primary obstacle was to reconfigure the space to accommodate their unique collection while maintaining functionality for everyday use. Following the consultation, CAD design was created to plan out zones and product needs for every category. 

Innovative Solutions: Redefining Spaces

The transformation began with the butler's pantry. Previously a drop zone, it was reimagined to house the family's extensive collection of formal dinnerware. To address the limited kitchen drawer space, Liz's team creatively utilized two narrow drawers in the butler's pantry for utility items, freeing up essential space in the kitchen for barware and everyday flatware.

In the pantry, where the previous owners stored medications and cleaning supplies, Liz's team made room for larger, seldom-used appliances, paper products, and the children's lunch boxes. This strategic rearrangement not only enhanced the pantry's functionality but also decluttered the kitchen area.

Stand-out Feature: A Tailored Spice Drawer

The highlight of the project, and the client's favorite feature, was the custom spice drawer created to the right of the range. By decanting spices into NEAT's sleek black Spice Jars and incorporating a knife block, the drawer became a multifunctional space. Additionally, the reorganization of the left drawer for spatulas and whisks cleared the countertops, offering a clean, streamlined look that the family loved. 

Impactful Product: A Drawer of Spices and Knives

The most significant change in the kitchen was the addition of the spice and knife drawer. This upgrade not only maximized space but also brought an element of sophistication to the kitchen, aligning perfectly with the family's request for a clutter-free and aesthetically elevated cooking area.

Conclusion: A NEAT Transformation

Over 25 hours, with two organizers diligently at work, Liz Girsch and her team at NEAT Method Wisconsin successfully transformed a challenging space into a functional, beautiful area that resonated with the family's lifestyle. This project in Mequon is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and customization in home organization. 


Spice Jar Set

Reeded Rattan Bin

Grid Basket

Perforated Basket


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