Friday 10.31.14

A NEAT Retreat this HALLOWEEN!

As many of you may have heard (through social media), we had our Annual NEAT Summit last week in our hometown of Chicago! It just so happens to be THE BEST time of the year for us...mainly because the Summit brings all the NEAT girls together from all across the country to discuss business and how we can help NEAT take over the country, one disorganized space at a time! ;)

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The majority of our three day retreat consisted of brainstorming sessions regarding business management, development, and product knowledge within the organizing industry. BONUS for you - over the next few weeks, we will be sharing exactly what our new favorite organizational solutions are! BUT because today is Halloween and all things black & orange, it seems only fitting that we share one of our more fun portions of The NEAT Summit 2014....our trip to a Pumpkin Farm!

** Apologies in advance for the large amount of photos...but when you only get together once a year, you've got to get as many photo ops as possible! And lucky for us, Andi Lantz of Andi Lantz Photography was able to capture our day perfectly!

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We hope that today, you all have just as epic of a Fall day as we did! Happy Happy Halloween to all our NEAT friends & family!


the NEAT witches


Notebooks custom made at May Designs


PS :: Outtakes for your viewing pleasure! ;)

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Monday 04.07.14

Another NEAT doll added to the bunch! Bring it on!

Mondays are typically depressing since the weekend is over, but we can't help but jump for JOY on this particular Monday! Today we are super excited (like it's Christmas morning) to share with you the newest addition to the NEAT team! She is a loving wife, mother of two, and though itty bitty, she can whip your home into tip top NEAT shape in no time! Oh, and did we mention...she's stunning?!

Without further ado, please welcome NEAT Scottsdale to the lineup! 

mika, mika perry, neat method, neat method scottsdale

NM :: So girlfriend give us the facts! Let's start with your name and where you were born.

MP :: Hello hello NEAT freaks! I'm Mika Jennifer Perry (maiden name: Gabriel). You pronounce it like “Meeka,” but I get “Micah” a LOT and even “Mike” sometimes. I puzzle Starbucks baristas on a regular basis.

I was born in Japan and lived in Tokyo, New York, and Seattle before our family finally settled in Tucson, AZ. And by “family” I should mention it is very small - I’m an only child!

mika, mika perry, neat method, neat method scottsdale

NM :: Wow! You've really lived everywhere! What made you settle in Scottsdale, Arizona?

MP :: Arizona State University brought me to the “Valley of the Sun” (as they call it around here), but I stayed because I absolutely LOVE all the days of sun here! I think Scottsdale averages around 300 days of sunshine! A year! I'm spoiled! Phoenix is actually the 5th largest city in the US (which many people don’t know) and it’s made up of many amazing surrounding towns and suburbs. The resort feel and luxe lifestyle of Scottsdale just can’t be beat! And it also helps that my family and closest friends are all in AZ! 

My loving husband, Russ, and I have two beautiful girls - Maddix (8 years old) and Reese (1 years old) & we all agree that Scottsdale couldn't be a more perfect home for us!

(cue absolutley ADORABLE family photo)


mika, mika perry, neat method, neat method scottsdale, cute family photo

NM :: What are some of your favorite shops in Scottsdale? Or where do you like to eat? Our Scottsdale readers are dying to know where you spend your time when you are not busy making other people NEAT!

MP :: I am going to address the food part first, because I happen to LOVE to cook and eat - and look forward every month to my delivery of Bon Appetit and Saveur magazine! 

Date night: Chelsea’s Kitchen (FREE salted chocolate chip cookies on the way out. Enough said!), Mastros City Hall (steak & butter cake), Grazie Pizzeria (one of my favorites!)

Brunch with girlfriends: The Herb Box (great patio) and The Henry (love their espresso bar)

Group Outing: The Yard (a huge place housed in an old car-repair garage with ping pong!), Stingray Sushi (I dare you to try to find the door), and AZ88 (where else can you get waffle fries with your extra dirty martini?)

OK now SHOPPING! The Scottsdale Quarter has pretty much everything you need. There is also Fashion Square, the state’s largest shopping center! Small boutiques and local shops around town that are particularly stylish and cute are: Amy, Inc., Nove, and Stephanies. Oh and I can't forget Baby Lux in DC Ranch, which has the most amazing little kids clothes!! 

mika, mika perry, neat method, neat method scottsdale

NM :: Ok now that we know where you like to eat and shop, tell us a little bit more about this OCD tendency of yours! Where are you the most NEAT? :)

MP :: ….ummm I have to pick one? Having to have my bed made before starting the day, not being able to sleep unless the house is picked up, re-writing to-do lists because my handwriting doesn’t look right…probably typical stuff for a NEAT girl, right?

One thing I would say is pretty crazy OCD is my pre-travel routine. I cannot put anything into my suitcase without cleaning it first i.e. I have to wash all my makeup brushes & wipe down each makeup container and steam all my clothes. I also make sure my outfits share a general color theme, and I pack things in ziplock bags and label them. I also make sure to make time for me pre-travel - aka a spray tan, freshly painted nails, and my teeth whitened. I think traveling can be a hectic event, so having at least myself put together at my best makes for a happier trip!

mika, mika perry, neat method, neat method scottsdale

NM :: Ummmm your travel routine is AMAZING! Hysterical. Now, the most important question of this interview process. Are you ready? Who is your celebrity crush??

MP :: I know this is a BIG NEAT girl question... so I have been waiting for it!!! I’m going to start with my girl crush, Jennifer Lawrence. Are people calling her JLaw now? If not, they totally should. Anyway, JLaw needs to be my BFF because she is effortlessly hilarious. For the fellas, Heather I am Team Taylor Kitch all the way with you!!! He’s not a big star, so I died when I saw you picked him for the Valentines crush post! I loved him in Friday Night Lights. My husband watched the show with me, too, so I think he’ll be OK with this confession. Oh, I also really love Andy Cohen on Bravo!

mika, mika perry, neat method, neat method scottsdale

NM :: Now let's get to the real FUN! Give us some serious scoop on all things Mika. What do most people not know about you?

MP :: I  am fluent in Japanese. I enjoy classical music...and rap. Which doesn't totally make sense?! Also... I cannot get my hair to be big ever. I am OBSESSED with BIG hair. I'm 5'5'' but when my hair is done right, I'm 5'7''

(cue big hair, don't care) 

mika, mika perry, neat method, neat method scottsdale, big hair

NM :: What makes you most excited about NEAT Scottsdale?

MP :: Scottsdale already has an appreciation for a well-balanced, healthy, fun, resort-like lifestyle, and residents here are known to truly embrace aesthetics and a luxuriously-appointed living space. This town is ready for someone to put all the puzzle pieces together and introduce them to the NEAT life - and I couldn’t be more honored and excited to be the one to get it started! 

mika, mika perry, neat method, neat method scottsdale, cute family photo

NM :: Anything you would like to tell our Scottsdale followers in particular?

MP :: Absolutely! When I first came across Ashley, Molly and NEAT, I was already planning to start my own organizing company. I had this feeling that these NEAT girls were up to something amazing, and I always believe "go with your instincts," so I reached out. Months later, here we are - and the support and response I’ve already gotten about NEAT coming to Scottsdale has been overwhelming! What I love most is that everyone here at NEAT is someone you just want to be friends with immediately. I’m thrilled to spend each day doing something I love - but the extra step we take in making the client experience one where they look back and say "wow, that was actually fun!" is the icing on the cake. Bring it on Scottsdale! :)

mika, mika perry, neat method, neat method scottsdale

We want to point out that Mika has been loving a good bin since age 3 (see above)... so she's clearly perfect for the job! Isn't she just the cutest thing ever?

We couldn't be more honored to have Mika launching NEAT Scottsdale! Please give her a big warm welcome to the NEAT life!


the NEAT girls

Thursday 09.13.12

NEAT's Crush:: Jessi Sheehan, Evolve

We'd like to introduce you to our new series called NEAT's Crushes! We have quite the list of crushes (not that we fall in love easily), so get ready to learn how these gals live NEAT...or not so much!

Our first crush is Jessi Sheehan, Founder and Head Stylist of Evolve. Besides having an amazing sense of style, Jessi is also one of the sweetest ladies we have met since launching in Chicago. Thanks for the warm welcome to the Windy City!

Jessi Sheehan, Evolve, chicago, blogger, chicago blogger, stylist, chicago stylist

NM:: Jessi, what's your most OCD tendency? Trust us you are among friends!

JS:: My most OCD tendency, thank you Mom, is stacking things (mostly papers) into piles. When I am working on a project, getting mail, needing to go through a magazine, etc. I group like items into piles in the way in which I can work on them. It is my way of organized chaos. If all my papers were in a big pile I would forget about was in the middle or the should see my desk. I am starting to come to terms with a filing cabinet.

I am also a very literal person. Things are either black or white, there is very little grey area. I am this way with my clothes especially. I must love what I walk out the door in, or it may as well be in the garbage. There is no in between. My mood is affected by my look each day. I can honestly say I have had a bad day because I so strongly disliked what I was wearing. The way we dress is an expression of who we are, it is another voice giving people clues about us. Dress with intention!

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NM:: Send us a picture of your most ogranized space - tell us what items you used to make it look this great and why you love it!

JS:: My most organized space is my accessories. I found these amazing vintage glass boxes at Marshalls. I have to have all of my things out in the open or else I forget about them. As I quickly get dressed in the morning I can easily complete my look. Sometimes I pick the piece first and then style the look around that. The pieces are organized by color, sized smallest to largest, and of course like items are together (bracelets with bracelets, rings with rings, etc).

Jessi Sheehan, Evolve, chicago, blogger, chicago blogger, stylist, chicago stylist, bedroom, girl in big hat



Jessi Sheehan, Evolve, chicago, blogger, chicago blogger, stylist, chicago stylist, jewelry, organized jewelry, bracelets, bangles

NM:: What is your least organized space? Why do you hate it and what went so terribly wrong?!

JS:: My least organized space is honestly my closet. An outsider would think I was crazy with this statement, but I spend so much time in other's closets that mine often gets neglected. It is in great condition just not where I want it to be.

Jessi, we totally know how it is to neglect your personal space at times, we do too (shhh...don't tell anyone). Thanks for being our first featured crush! 

Now that all of you are just as obsessed with Jessi as we are, please make sure to follow her on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest :)!


the NEAT girls

Wednesday 08.15.12

Here Comes the (Organized) Bride

I would like to take a minute to reintroduce myself not as Heather Gilligan, but Heather Byrne. Yep, I’m a blushing newlywed. Most amazing day of my life, BUT my new last name is somewhat leaving me with an identity crisis!

I’ve decided to dedicate this blog post to pre-wedding organization because everyone will need it at least once or twice in their life - either as a Bride and/or a Bridesmaid. I learned first hand what exactly you MUST have in order to make it through the BIG day!

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Biggest lifesaver:

With twenty minutes till my dramatic entrance down the aisle, not one – BUT two – bridesmaids’ side zippers busted off the dresses. My mother-in-law and wedding planner literally had to sew both girls into their dresses within ten minutes! Talk about adding extra nerves and sweat to an already nerve-wrecking situation! Honestly, it would have been a complete nightmare if it weren’t for The Bridessentials Kit. It literally has anything and everything you could possibly need in a pinch – including a sewing kit and pink string!

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Other than having an absolutely adorable clutch to hold your lip gloss, cell phone, and bobby pins – you will also need a second bigger bag to hold anything and everything you may need or use the day of. Because after all, your wedding planner was not hired to be your personal assistant. She will be a huge help throughout the day, but she is not paid to follow behind and pick up your belongings.

My Lo & Sons OMG bag (obviously) was filled with items including: the clothes I wore in the morning for hair and makeup, hairspray (you can never have enough), a brush, a comb, deodorant, perfume, white chalk (yes, I actually used this to get a spot off my dress), and a cell phone charger.

Lo & Sons, Lo & Sons OM bag, Lo & Sons OMG bag, travel bag, traveling tips, organized wedding, wedding, bride, gift for bride, bridal gift

This may not seem as obvious, but will make a huge difference: make sure there is a basket of delicious snacks in the suite for the bride and groom the night of the wedding. Regardless if both have time to sit down and eat at the reception, they will most likely be starving by the time they make it to their hotel after. 

I’ve put together a pile of NEAT’s favorite office snacks for inspiration! 

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When in doubt (or not in doubt), hire a wedding planner. Turns out, organization may run in the family. Molly’s mother is a wedding planner in the Chicagoland area - but will travel for those of you interested!

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Best of luck to you, hopefully organized brides and bridesmaids! Don't trip ;)



Wednesday 08.08.12

We are Officially Breaking the Streak

What streak you ask?? The Midwestern-rooted employee streak that is!

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our Lead Organizer and Austrian born, Nancy Winkelmann Clark. 

Living in San Francisco for just under a year, Nancy enjoys painting, being in the California sun, and organizing like a mad woman! Besides her husband, the love of her life is her pup “Fiona, our sweetheart of a dog.”

Nancy Clark, Nancy Winklemann, German Shepard, Girl and Dog

Nancy is a serious a sucker for the CW - relishing in Gossip Girl, while enjoying gummie snacks.  So is she on Team Chuck, Dan, or Nate? "Well certainly not Dan with that awful mop of hair in the last season, Nate is most attractive, but Chuck Bass has that mystery that is appealing to most girls." So true!

Nancy Clark, Nancy Winklemann, festive drinks

And when asked what her most embarrassing moment is, her response: “Every. day. of. my. life. Just kidding, sort of… I've always been on the quiet, 'look at me and I blush' side, so let's just say I embarrass a little too easily to just have one moment.” We love her just the way she is!

Nancy Clark, Nancy Winklemann, Nicholas Clark, vacation,

So what makes Nancy a fabulous edition to the team? Her ridiculous attention to detail (she claims “it's obnoxious to most, namely her husband”) but it is super helpful in executing the NEAT touch! Also having a design background and need to make things look 'just so,' doesn't always hurt either. 

Nancy Clark, Nancy Winklemann, pink dress, cute girl

AND have you noticed? She has a scary resemblance to Amanda Seyfried. Proving it:

Nancy Clark, Nancy Winklemann, Amanda Seyfried, doppleganger, Le Mis, Le Miserable, Oscar Awards, Academy Awards, Golden Globes

We are so lucky to have another fabulously organized and fun loving girl join the NEAT Method team! We are sure you will love her just as much as we do!!


the NEAT girls


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